The Curse of the Couch

Halloween’s here and the party guests are shuffling toward your home, eager to messily devour your candy and wander like spirits forlorn between board games and the scary movie playing in the background. But despite many being dressed as the undead, they certainly don’t want to have a party in a dirty house – they’re discriminating corpses, after all – and they all seem to be avoiding that pet-hair covered couch.

In order to help you and your ghouls, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has put together this little guide to getting  pet hair off of upholstery:

1. Rubber Gloves

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and wet them under a faucet, but don’t get them dripping wet, just moist. Now, use the gloves to rub the hair off the upholstery, pulling the hair and fur toward you – one guide suggests using “short scraping strokes.” The gloves will attract the hair and make it easy to remove. Clean the gloves regularly wall doing this so you don’t end up just pushing hair into different places.

2. Fur Removers

There are certain types of tools you can buy that are perfect for removing pet hair – they go by a lot of names but if you just search “Pet hair removal brush,” you’ll find one. These easy-to-handle rubber tools  attract and pull up pet hair off of upholstery and clothing. What’s more, they’re pretty inexpensive.

3. Tape/Lint Rollers

Another trick for upholstery cleaning is tape or a lint roller. Make a loop of tape (sticky side out) and put it over your hand and start patting down any areas with hair. If you have the roller, just start rolling it over bad areas. This can work well, but if you’re not careful it can leave a sticky residue – so be careful.

These tips should help you control pet hair problems, but if your sofa starts looking dirty and grimy, you should schedule an Oxi Fresh upholstery cleaning. After all, we can make a dead-looking sofa look – ahem – ALIVE!

Thanks to for the great tips! Visit their site for more cleaning tips.

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