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Here at Oxi Fresh, we’re proud to be one of the best carpet cleaning companies out there. Of course, any company could say that they’re one of the best, but if they don’t say why, then it’s time to ask questions. Since we claim Oxi Fresh is one of the best, then, we want to back up our claim and explain how we’re superior to the competition.  This topic will be spread out over a few posts, since we have a lot of ground to cover. But let’s begin by talking about our competition.

There are currently two main types of carpet cleaners – steam cleaners and dry cleaners. These methods are also known as hot-water extraction and the spinning-bonnet method.  Let’s start by looking at steam cleaning. This is perhaps the most common method of cleaning. The process goes something like this. Using a truck mounted water supply and power source, the technician will begin soaking your carpets with extremely hot water.

The goal is to have that hot water loosen up the dirt and stains in the carpet.  Once the carpets have been soaked, the technician will go over with a machine that will begin sucking the water back out of the carpet, hopefully taking the dirt and stains up as well.  This all sounds well and good on paper, but there are a few problems for such a carpet cleaning method. First, soaking a carpet is never a good idea. The water can and generally does sink into the pad. This means it can stay down there, trapped, and greatly increase the chance of mold or mildew forming.

Another problem with that method is that all of that water simply can’t be sucked back up.  Their extraction machines are either too weak of they don’t spend the proper amount of time working on extraction – that leaves you with carpets that are wet from 12-24 hours.  That also increases the chances of mold and mildew forming as well as being simply inconvenient for you and your family. Finally, with all of that water remaining in the carpet, any loosened up dirt or stains begin sinking down into the pad of the carpet. And once the carpet begins to dry, those stains that sunk in deeper begin to wick back up.

I’ll tell you more about these other methods tomorrow!

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Get job cleaning our carpets!! GP. - Uxbridge, MA - 05/27/2024
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This website is about the most user friendly i have come across. usually i skip the companies with online appointments but this one is so easy to use and absolutely dependable. i got a confirmation email immediately and Mr. todd whalon texted the day before appointment and the day of. he was right on time, explained a bit but not toooo much and within 15 minutes my couch went from one i couldn't give away to brand new condition. even the water marks he warned me about (and insisted i call him as soon as and if they appeared) did not happen. dry within hours. the process is amazing and the rep was knowledgeable, polite, friendly and professional. CALL THIS COMPANY FOR ANY CLEANING JOB REQUIRING THEIR EXPERTISE dd. - Chapin, SC - 05/26/2024
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Quick, excellent cleaning, no mess, dries fast. Steve always does an excellent job!!!!! DB. - Boise, ID - 05/24/2024
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