Spring Cleaning – Three Things You Might Forget

The good old Vernal Equinox has come and gone and we all know what that means: that the world has tilted in such a direction that the Sun appears to have crossed north over the celestial equator.

Also spring is here.

And with this green season comes Spring Cleaning, the ceremonial end to our winter hibernation. Windows will be cleaned, sills wiped down, clutter cursed, and carpet cleaners called.

But there are certain things most of us forget as we dust, vacuum, and shine, but are important nonetheless. Let’s take a look at these three oft-forgotten spring cleaning tasks.

Under the Sink
You’ll be opening up the cabinet under your sink to pull out various sponges and sprays, but before you shut that door take a good look at that sub-sink space. There are probably bottles and bottles of cleaning products, sponges, rags, etc.

So take some time to clear it out. Figure out what cleaning solutions you don’t need and either give them away or safely dispose of them. If you store grocery bags down there, you can probably take most of them back to the store for recycling. Ask yourself if you really need that old sponge. In your heart of hearts, you know you should let it go.

They Have Seen the Light
Ceiling lights with glass or plastic covers often become insect graveyards, a gathering place all bugs go to before they end up in that great picnic in the sky. It’s pretty gross.

Remove those covers and empty out the desiccated little fellows. This is also a great time to wash the glass fixture, since it gets grimy over time.

Digital Spring Cleaning
Data piles up and gets dusty just like everything else (well, it only gets dusty with special coding). Just like everything else, it needs to be tidied up so your computer doesn’t get bogged down.

Examine the various files on your computer – cute cat pictures, funny cat videos, documents detailing the antics of cats – and consider deleting some of them or transferring them to an external hard drives or flash drive. Go through your applications and get rid of programs you aren’t using. All of this will free up space and help things run more smoothly.

Do you have any great spring cleaning tips? Share them in the comments!

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