The Spotlight: Spilled Milk (The Spot and the Smell!)

We all know the saying about milk and what you shouldn’t do if it gets spilled. To be fair, it can be hard not to cry when a glass of milk or a big bowl of cereal comes tumbling down onto your clean carpets. We won’t judge you if you shed a tear or two.

When it comes to milk, though, you’ve got to act fast. If you’re going to have a little sob, do some multitasking and use this tip to tackle the stain before it starts to stink. (Don’t worry if the spot already smells, we’ve got a tip for that too).

What You’ll Need
Liquid Dishwashing Soap
Baking Soda
White Vinegar
Clean Towels
Large Bowl
Spray Bottle

Let’s Get Started
– Step 1 –
As soon as you spot the spill, blot up as much of the milk as you can. Don’t scrub the spot or you’ll just spread the milk around.

– Step 2 –
In the bowl, mix one tablespoon of the dishwashing soap with two cups of cold water.* Wet a towel in the solution and wring it until it’s damp.

– Step 3 –
Blot at the spot with the towel. Keep working at it, rinsing the towel out as needed, until no more milk is coming up.

– Step 4 –
Spritz the area with cold water and blot dry. Repeat this step until all of the soapy residue is gone.

If the milk has left an unpleasant odor (or you’re just being careful), there are two different ways you can treat the smell.

– Step 5A –
Your first option is to liberally apply baking soda to the area and work it into the carpet by hand.* Let it sit in the carpet for a full day and then vacuum it up.

– Step 5B –
Your second option is to spray the area with distilled white vinegar and to let it sit in the carpet for several hours.* After letting it dwell, spritz the area with water and blot it dry. Once the carpet dries, both the smell of the sour milk and the vinegar should be gone.

Hopefully the spot and smell are all gone and your carpets look great. If you had some trouble tackling the spot or are dealing with a different sort of stubborn stain, remember that Oxi Fresh specializes in both stain and odor removal. Call us today or use our Online Scheduler to book a deep-cleaning, odor-fighting appointment.

Thanks to Nannette Richford of, the team at, and Taylor at for the great information. Check out their websites to learn more!

*Please first test any cleaning methods and solutions on a small, inconspicuous spot on your carpet to ensure they won’t cause any damage. This is especially important if you have a carpet made of a natural fiber like wool.

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