Post-Super Bowl Problems

Everyone can agree that the Super Bowl is fun. Lots of food, time with friends, the tension of watching the game, and the celebrations/grieving that comes when the game is over. Of course, not everything is great about the Super Bowl.  The aftermath of upset stomachs, minor injuries, and dirty carpets can make us regret the party.

Don’t worry about that last one, since Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get rid of stains and dirty without a problem – but we can’t clean away an upset stomach. So what should you do if you’ve eaten too many hot wings? Well, you’ve first got to recognize your enemy – capsaicin. This chemical is in most spicy food and makes spicy food deliciously hot, but also leaves you cramped and cursing

The s0lution? Dairy products. The fat content of milk/cheese/sour-cream/ice cream will help break the bonds capsaicin has formed in your mouth and will help soothe your stomach. The result may not be instantaneous, but it should help. Of course, if you’ve simply eaten too much, you’re just going to have to let time run it’s course.

And, if a normal game day runs its course, part way through the day someone is going to want to play a game of football. Just like the real players, sadly, someone is going to get injured. There was a throw they thought they had, a tackle they could have made, but the end result is often the same: pain. Usually it’s a twisted ankle, which is relatively easy to take care of. Now, for severe sprains with lots of inflammation and pain, you need to seek medical assistance. For most minor twists, though, you need RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate.

Avoid bearing any weight on your ankle for the first 24 hours after the original injury and apply ice packs to reduce swelling. Keep the ice up for the first 24 hours.While doing this, you need to prevent fluids building up inside the ankle, so wrap the ankle with elastic bandages and keep it elevated. This may sound tedious and time consuming, but it’s far better than limping around, grimacing through the swelling and pain. But what about a different Super Bowl injury? Maybe you were celebrating to enthusiastically and upset a nearby watcher, maybe you complained to loudly – we’re not pointing fingers – but you ended up getting popped right in the eye.

So you have a black eye or you can feel one coming on. The first thing to do is to ice the area – 15 minutes on and then off – for the first day or two. Hopefully this will take care of the initial swelling. After 48 hours, the capillaries and blood vessels should be repairing themselves, so switch to a warm compress to help the blood flow more freely through the area. And, like with most injuries, keep your head elevated at night. Doing this should help keep the blood pressure down on your eye.

So, with your black eye, sprained ankle, and upset stomach on the mend, it’s time to call our carpet cleaners out to get rid of the various spills on you carpet. Don’t worry, our green carpet cleaning is surprisingly quiet and shouldn’t bother you. And maybe we should all take it a little easier next Super Bowl.

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