Grass-Be-Gone: Getting Grass Stains Out of Clothes

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Green grass, longer days, better and better weather – it’s the perfect time of year for the kids to be playing outdoors. Of course, happy as we are to see them having fun, we’re not quite so happy with the stains they bring back. Kids have an amazing talent for making messes, and one of […]

The Keyser Brothers of Oxi Fresh of St. Louis Named Multi-Brand Stars!

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Congratulations to Charles and Jesse Keyser for being named Multi-Brand Stars in the latest issue of Multi-Unit Franchisee! In a great article by Debbie Selinsky, the brothers talk about their long history in franchising and how they went from owning no businesses, to one franchise, and then to 20 locations and counting across three major […]

Greening Up the Great Outdoors: 4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

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Spring cleaning is a chance to make life feel fresh again, but it’s not just your home that can benefit. This spring, let’s clean up our own little slice of the great outdoors with these spring cleaning tips for the yard!

Living Green in Monterey with the Marshes!

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Let’s hear it for our amazing Oxi Fresh team in Monterey, California! Jon and Lisa Marsh   are two of our hardest-working entrepreneurs and were recently featured in the Monterey Herald. In this fantastic article by Kathryn McKenzie, Lisa and Jon talk about why they decided to open their own business and the benefits that […]

Oxi Fresh of Boca Raton Brings the Greenest Clean!

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At Oxi Fresh, we take pride in our green cleaning system. It can erase years of dirt and debris from even the grimiest carpets while still being eco-friendly and safe for kids and pets. We take even greater pride in the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of our franchisees. One location that has really exemplified […]

Oxi Fresh’s Support of Featured on My Social Good News!

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Although our days at Oxi Fresh are filled with cleaning carpets, taking calls, and helping customers, our goal is to be more than just a business. We want to give back, to help make the world a better place. That’s why we use a variety of green cleaning practices and, recently, started giving to

Corvette Calling: How a Ride in a Sports Car sent the Keyser Brothers Racing Towards Entrepreneurship

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It’s funny the things that inspire our careers. For some, a bit of encouragement from a teacher set us on our path. For others, it was favorite character from a TV show or book; whatever they did, we wanted to do to. For Charles and Jesse Keyser, the owners of Oxi Fresh of St. Louis […]

Chocolate Challenge: Getting Chocolate Stains Out of Clothes

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Chocolate – yum yum yum! Whether it’s truffles, ice cream, or frosting, almost everyone loves chocolate. The problem is that chocolate isn’t exactly a “mess-free” food, especially for kids. Whenever we give out a treat to the toddlers, we know there’s a good chance we’ll get chocolate-y clothes as our “Thank you.” Not to worry […]

Oxi Fresh Named a “Breakout Star” by Entrepreneur Magazine!

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Oxi Fresh is proud to announce that we were named a “Breakout Star” by Entrepreneur magazine, coming in at #77 on their list of fastest-growing franchises! In the article that accompanies the ranking, Entrepreneur reached out to franchise executives at some of these companies and asked what has helped them grow. The response from these […]

Avocado Fries! Great Snacks for the Big Game

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The Big Game – it’s coming soon and with it comes the spread you’ve got to put together. There are always the wings, the chips, and the dips you can supply your hungry fans, but what if you want to do something different this year? Introducing the Avocado Fries! These great snacks are easy to […]