Out with the Old, In with the New, Left with the Current, Right with the Passe

Or at least that’s how I assume the phrase is supposed to go. But as you’re moving the old out and bring the new this New Year, you need to spend some time in contemplation. No, not on your life, your good or bad deeds, who you’ve loved and who you’ve slighted.

Those all are secondary to the most important consideration of all – your carpets. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Still, your carpet is an important investment and making plans to take care of it in the New Year can end up saving you quite a bit. How so? Well, it’s cheaper to maintain a carpet then it is to replace it and if you don’t care for your carpet, you’ll cut down it’s lifespan by years.

In order to help  your carpet throughout 2011, there are several things you need to do:

1.) Get an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

The most obvious step to carpet maintenance is regular cleanings with Oxi Fresh. Our carpet cleaners provide a world-class cleaning that removes set in dirt and stains. Not only does this make your home look more clean, but it extends the life of the carpets by removing damaging substances like oil, pet urine, and so on. You should then, therefore, schedule at least two cleanings throughout the year to prevent dirt buildup and fiber damage.

2.) Get Carpet Protector

While you’re getting the aforementioned carpet cleaning, consider having Oxi Fresh apply protectants – another of their various carpet cleaning services. When sprayed on the carpet, the protectant will be absorbed into the fibers thereby creating a stain resistant layer. This provides a buffer against dirt buildups and helps prevent stains from setting into the carpet, thus making them easy to remove.

3.) Get Area Rugs

One of the best ways to combat dirt and oil buildup this new year is by buying a few area rugs. Put these rugs by doors or in hallways that get a lot of traffic. These little carpets will take the brunt of the damage as the year passes and will keep your more expensive carpets in much better condition.

4.) Get Socks

This one is pretty easy, given that you probably were given socks over the holidays. Basically, whenever you walk on your carpets, you’ll want to be wearing socks. Shoes carry to much dirt and grime for them to be completely safe on carpets. Likewise, the natural oils from the skin on your feet can transfer onto the carpet fibers, causing the carpet to get dirty over time and frequent exposure. Clean socks, however, avoid these problems. Plus they’re comfy.

Hopefully these tips from your favorite green carpet cleaning company will allow you to keep your carpets looking fresh and healthy throughout the New Year. Oh, and Happy New year!

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