In the Doghouse

In our last post about training your puppy, we had talked about setting up a schedule and picking the places where the puppy is supposed to go. Both of these actions will help prevent your puppy from marking your carpets and, consequently, make you pay for a carpet cleaning. But establishing times and areas are only part of the solution. The next step comes with the inevitable accidents your puppy will have. You’ll decide to let him play on the carpet, you’re walking him to the back door, or he just follows you onto the carpet and one moment later, he’s made an addition to your sparkling home.

Your response at this moment is very important. You need to make it clear to the pooch that you are not pleased, so firmly tell them that you are not happy. The people at Dog Chat Forum – who’s article is guiding this post, suggested saying “No, don’t pee there” in an unhappy voice if you catch the pup in the act. The goal here is not to punish or scare the puppy –  your displeasure needs to be obvious, but anger should be avoided otherwise the pup will just try to his business where you can’t catch him. Try to lift the puppy up and take them to a newspaper or outside so they can finish eliminating there, where you can praise him for going in the right place.

If you do miss the mistake entirely and come upon it later, take the pup over to and make her look at it while pointing to the stain and saying “No, bad place.” This will make the pup uncomfortable with the stain, which is the goal. Then blot up the mess or pick up the poop and put it on one of the “Good” places while saying “Good place.” This will help them associate the right feelings with the right places (putting the feces or some of the urine on the newspaper will also help the pup realize that it’s supposed to go there.

As you keep doing this for a few weeks, the pup will figure out where it’s allowed to go and will become house trained, despite the occasional relapse. Congratulations! But now what do you do with all of those accidents your pup had? Well hopefully you blotted them up as soon as they happened and that can help with prevent stains from forming. Even if you can’t see the stains, though, you have to consider odor. Dog’s are often eager to resoil areas they’ve already marked and they often find those places by smell.

Oxi Fresh can, of course, get rid of pet stains. Our fast drying carpet cleaning will make them vanish quickly and we have products available that will actually kill the bacteria that are causing the odor. But if you’re between cleanings, here’s a tip for you that can trick your dogs into forgetting where the spots are. After getting rid of much as the stain as possible, you can kill lingering odors by using just a few – one to two – drops of vanilla extract on the carpet. After that, the pup won’t be able to find that spot. Honestly, though, if you’re dealing with a strong smell, getting carpet odor removal from Oxi Fresh may be your best bet.

Hopefully this guide will help you house train your puppy and, after the inevitable spots and accidents, Oxi Fresh can take care of carpet stain removal and any smells you might have. Good luck and Happy Holidays! And thanks to Dog Chat Forums and for the great information.

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