Fun Holiday Crafts for the Kids

The holidays are full of two types of little people running everywhere at once – elves and kids. The big difference: the former are productive and the latter (if we don’t keep an eye on them) can be destructive.

So let’s give the kiddos a fun time and make them more like Santa’s little helpers with these green holiday crafts.

Snow Globes
No one can resist shaking up a snow globe, kids especially, so why not let them make one? This great craft requires a jar with a lid, a toy or ornament for the “centerpiece,” some superglue, and glitter.

The kids will glue the figure to the lid, fill the jar with water, toss in a teaspoon or two of glitter, and then screw the lid on. You may want to add a few drops of glue to the threads of the jar for a better seal.

The kids can then decorate the jar with paint or craft paper and – voila – snow globes! Here are three great sites with more detailed instructions:,, and

Cardboard Gingerbread Houses
Have a lot of cardboard boxes, cardboard rolls, tape, and wrapping paper laying around? Then have the kids make some cardboard gingerbread houses! This is a great way to keep the kids busy and it’s a lot less messy than gingerbread and icing. Plus, if you have tons of cardboard, the kids can build life-sized gingerbread houses!

And keeping with the spirit of being green, you can recycle the whole thing once the holidays are over.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick
This craft requires a bit more work for you, but it’s a real treat for the kids. Basically, you’ll make a thick chocolate mix on a stick that, when stirred into hot milk, makes awesome hot chocolate.

The fun for the kids comes part way through the recipe. Once you have the chocolate mix in the ice-cube tray, the kids can choose their own toppings to stick onto the chocolate cubes (marshmallows, cinnamon, sprinkles)!

Cardboard Roll Crafts
Whether it’s the tubes from wrapping paper or even toilet paper rolls, these little cardboard columns can be used in a million different crafts. In fact, there are just too many for me to talk about in this article, so check out this great list of twenty awesome ideas. I’m sure the little elves in your life will love them!

Thanks to Maggy Woodley of, Brenda Ponnay of Alpha Mom,,, Camille Styles of DIY Network, Erika Kern of, Sheri Silver of, and

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