Orange, Black, and Green – Three Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly During Halloween

Halloween is a really fun holiday. You get to give out candy, snack on sweets, create costumes, and watch lots of kids and adults act like goofballs. Of course, like any holiday, sometimes we get so in the spirit of things that we forget about staying green.

Not to worry though, because we’ve got three great ways to reduce waste this Halloween while still having a great time!

DIY Costumes, Second Hand Shops, and Costume Swapping
Halloween stores pop up like weeds this time of year, selling cheap costumes and plastic props. These disguises typically don’t last long and, in the end, will end up in a landfill somewhere.

So go green with these amazing upcycled costume ideas that you can make with household bits and bobs. Not very crafty? Then head to your local Goodwill or charity shop and costume hunt there – you can find whole costumes or create your own amazing outfits from gems hiding on the racks.

Another option is to put on a Mini-Costume Swap. Get in contact with friends and family, invite them to bring all their old costumes over, and then start trading. Sometimes local businesses will host town-wide costume swaps, so be sure to search online to see if one is happening in your area.

Avoid Disposable Decorations
While the thought of an immortal ghoulie on Halloween is spooky-fun, the thought of immortal trash is actually scary. Those disposable plastic skeletons and foam gravestones may be silly now,  they’re made from materials that will last forever in a landfill.

When you buy Halloween decorations, look for ones that are made with eco-responsible materials or, at the very least, are high quality products that you can use for years and years (and then recycle).

Better yet, make your own decorations. Like with costumes, there are dozens of ideas out there (like these) that you can make with construction paper, pumpkins, and other materials that can be easily recycled or composted after Halloween.

Have a Party!
Or rather have a green party! Halloween parties are great and with a little effort they can be pretty eco-friendly.

Like we mentioned earlier, go for renewable decorations rather than anything disposable and use real plates, napkins, and cups. Avoid pre-packaged foods and candies and try out these great recipes instead! Skipping out on those cans of soda and individually wrapped sweets can cut out a lot of trash and waste.

We hope that you have an awesome time this year while helping keep Halloween orange and black and the planet clean and green!

Thanks to Amanda Wills of and the World Wildlife Federation for the great tips!

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