Getting Ready for April

April is approaching and we should all be getting ready for the greenest month of the year! With Earth Day on the 22nd and Arbor day towards the end of the month, this is a great chance for all of us to make a difference for the environment and to learn more about being green. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of different green campaigns trying to grab your attention. Don’t worry, though, because Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, has come up with three simple ideas to choose from for your Earth Day and Arbor Day event.

1.) Plant a Tree – and Care for It.

This is an obvious one for Arbor Day, but obvious isn’t bad. With rapid deforestation occurring in many parts of the world, the more trees the better. Make sure, though, that you’re planting the right kind of tree in the right way. After all, a poorly planted sapling is often only good for one thing – fertilizer.

Research what kinds of trees do well in your area. The Arbor Day Foundation’s website, is a great place to go for information on trees your state encourages you to plant – the site even has contact information for your State’s forestry division if you have questions. After choosing the best tree, look up planting and maintenance practices to make sure your little tree lasts.

2.) Volunteer for a Cleaning Day

A great way to spend Earth Day is out doing something practical like picking up trash on a local park or road. Your town will probably already have cleaning programs set up that will work well with a variety of schedules – so even if you have to work most of the day,  you can still help out. Check out your local community center for more information.

But what if there aren’t any programs in your area? Well, if you’re up for a challenge, you could start one. The next time there’s a town meeting, propose starting an Earth Day clean-up. Or if you want to do something less official, just gather up some friends and family and pick a local park or road that’s plagued with trash. A few hours later, you could make it look clean again.

3.) Conserve

Being a green carpet cleaning company, Oxi Fresh understands the value of conservation. After all, our cleaning system can save around 38 gallons of water with every home. That’s how we conserve, but obviously that doesn’t work for everyone – especially since most people aren’t carpet cleaners. So what can you do to conserve? Quite a bit.

The first thing to do is to recognize what you use the most of. Do you like brightly lit rooms and, consequently, keep lots of lights on? Do you take long showers or baths? Does most of your food come pre-packaged? Ask yourself questions like that and you’ll begin to realize what you use the most of – electricity, water, packaging, heat, air conditioning, etc.

Once you figure out what you use the most of, it’s time to cut down. Like having lots of light but forget to turn off lights when you leave rooms? Consider getting timers or motion sensors to replace traditional light switches. Like long showers? Try to take one nice long shower a week, but cut down the time for the rest of them. If a lot of your food come pre-packaged, focus on proper recycling or, even better, choosing similar foods with less packaging.

There are many other things you can do this April to show your support for keeping the environment healthy, but hopefully this list will give you some ideas. Have a good day and a great upcoming April!

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