Bad Buffalo! How to Save Your Jersey from Wing Sauce

Spicy Homemade Buffalo Wings with Dip and Beer

At the Big Game, you’ll hear cheering, groaning, and friends assuring each other that the ref is indeed blind. You’ll see be-jersey-ed people leaning in close to the TV, expressions tense as they watch the flight of the ball. You’ll smell something hot and spicy, that deliciously acrid scent of buffalo wings.

Those are the sounds, sights, and smells of football that so many of us love, but the last one can be treacherous. When you fumble a wing dripping in buffalo sauce and it lands on your jersey, you’re left with a tricky spot.

Not to worry – here’s the solution:

What You’ll Need
White Vinegar
Liquid Laundry Detergent

– Step 1 –
If there’s a blob of sauce, use a spoon to remove it. Don’t blot it at this point as that could spread the sauce around.

– Step 2 –
Rinse out the spot with cold water, but run the water through the back of the spot to force out some of the sauce.

– Step 3 –
Work liquid laundry detergent into both sides of the spot by hand. Let it sit for a minute or two and then rinse out the detergent.

– Step 4 –
Dampen the towel in white vinegar and thoroughly blot the spot.* Rinse out the vinegar.

Repeat Steps 2-4 until no more of the spot comes out

– Step 5 –
Launder the item and use a stain pretreatment if you have one. After this, check to see if the stain is gone – do this before you dry it as heat can set stains.

– Step 6 (If Necessary) –
If there’s still a spot, consider washing the item with a color safe bleach.

And there you have it, a nice clean jersey that’s ready for future victories!

Thanks to Jess Jones of, Taylor Flanery of, and Matt Oden of

* You should always test cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous corner first to make sure they won’t cause color loss. It’s not very likely with vinegar, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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