Defend Your Home – Get an Area Rug Cleaning!

What’s the first line of defense of your home? Motion-detecting lights outside? A dog? A series of good locks on your doors and windows? An actual security system? Well, if you have all of those, you’ve greatly increased your chances of discouraging burglars and, if they do try anything, they’re much more likely to fail or be caught. If you don’t have any of those things, well, your valuables will be, by and large, up for grabs if someone tries to steal your possessions. After all, without some sort of defense, the only thing stopping a burglar would be a suddenly convicted conscious, which seems very doubtful.

Just as it is important to defend your home against potential burglary, there’s a specific part of your home that needs more protection than others – not from a thief, though, but from you.  I am, of course, referring to your carpets.  As that part of your home that is the most used; is exposed to the most to dirty feet, socks, shoes; is eaten and drank over; is walked and slept on by pets with oily fur and skin; and faces a barrage of spills and spots from an untold number of sources. With all the wear and tear carpets receive, it’s really no wonder that they need regular carpet cleanings and carpet protector.  There is something you can do, though, to help decrease the need for those cleanings, save money, and increase the overall lifespan of your carpet. And it’s all thanks to the humble area rug.

Yes, the little area rug can end up saving your carpets from an untold amount of problems. How? Well, think an area rug not as a decorative accoutrement, but rather as a layer of armor.  So, you’re logically going to place this armor where it’s most needed – and generally that’s entry ways, walkways, and areas with a lot of food.  Placing area rugs in these locations will mean they end up taking the vast majority of the damage and spills. Then, after they’ve done their job, you can get an area rug cleaning. Yes, Oxi Fresh’s deep and thorough cleaning method can get your area rugs cleaned so that they look, feel, and smell clean.  And then, with our fast drying carpet cleaning, you can have those area rugs back to work very quickly. After all, for the noble area rug, their job is never done.

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