Carpet – Still Not Flat

A month or two ago, we put together a little tour of some unique, beautiful, and amusing carpets and area rugs. Since we do a lot of normal carpet cleaning at Oxi Fresh, it was refreshing for us to see just how much variety there was in the world of carpets. Of course, we just scratched the surface of the artistic world of carpets – or to put in carpet terms – it was only surface cleaning and we want our carpet cleaning services to go down deep. So here’s another round of the odd carpets and area rugs around the world.

Accidental Carpet

This carpet looks like it has spilled out onto the floor, full of eddies of color and puddling curves. This intentional accidental look is the result of a lot of work and a lot of recycled blankets that were sewn together. Linus would be proud.

Army Carpet

Well, apart from being completely impractical, this is a pretty awesome rug. What’s more important than looks, though, is that this carpet encourages, at long last, cooperation between the long and bitterly divided Green and Tan forces.

Bad Table

To be fair, this isn’t just carpet, but rather a poorly trained table attached to a long-suffering, unfortunate rug. Now, as much as I love this combo, I would hesitate to put it in my home because it my be a bad influence on my easily led astray dogs.


Well, Oxi Fresh could clean this carpet, but we just couldn’t clean much of it. This strange number was specially designed to confuse the normal and frustrate the fastidious and neat.

Fork Carpet

From the same group who made the Army Carpet comes the Fork Carpet. Cute and colorful as this is, it isn’t exactly the most welcoming of flooring options. It is, though, a great emergency supply if you ever run out of clean utensils.

Hardwood Carpet

Not sure if you want the softness and warmth of carpet or the clean elegance of hardwood? Reflect your indecision with this Hardwood/Softfloor area rug.

Pac-Man Rug

Personally I would prefer a Galaga rug, but I’m not going to complain about that – this is a really cool rug. I am going to complain about his score. Only 110? Come on.

Stair Rug

Want to mess with people? Place this right in front of your stair case, at the top or the bottom and watch how people react. You may also want to be ready to catch them in case they stumble. On second thought, let’s just skip the whole idea and just put it by the front door. Much safer.

Binary Welcome  Mat

If you can read binary, you’ll know that this rug says and you’ll have a little laugh. Can’t read binary? Well, you’re normal.

This concludes our second tour of rugs that will cause carpet cleaning companies to scratch their heads when they see them. We hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks to,,,,,, and others for the fun carpets!

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