Carpet Biology

Most everyone reading this post, myself included, have taken a biology class at one time or another. We studied cell mitosis, the structures of various microscopic organisms, how plants  draw water up their stems, and so on. We had to know the names of various kingdoms, phylum, and classes and what made them distinct from one another. But, one of the things people most remember about biology classes are the dissections. Whether we found them interesting, cruel, or gross, they are, if nothing else, memorable.  But what was the goal of those dissections? Simply to  see and really understand what physical life is made of. They didn’t, after all, need frog surgeons.

Likewise, we here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning want to help you understand what your carpet is made of – though we won’t make you dissect your carpets. In an earlier post we already explained the differences between the various carpet pile types – saxony, loop, berber, etc. – but now we want to tell you about the actual fibers themselves. There are four traditional fiber types used in most carpets: Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, and Wool.

1. Nylon carpets are by far the most common fiber used in most residential homes today and it has a strong presence in commercial properties as well. This popularity is easy to understand, given how durable yet soft the fiber can be. Unfortunately, Nylon is not stain resistant in nature, meaning that regular carpet cleaning services are a must

2. A relatively new fiber type is Polypropylene. This fiber holds it’s color very well even in the presence of bleaches and sunlight, but it doesn’t wear as well as nylon. This fiber is found in a variety of locations, from indoor carpets to exterior, faux-grass carpets.

3. Polyester is not just a bad disco suit material anymore. This fiber is used to create a less expensive alternative to nylon. The dip in cost does affect quality though. The carpets are soft and hold their color well, but they wear quickly  compared to nylon. Hiring a carpet cleaning company for regular cleanings, though, will help it maintain it’s life longer.

4. When it comes to luxurious carpets, you don’t have to go further than Wool. This is one of the most expensive fibers available and it’s known for its softness, warmth, and prestige. It doesn’t have stain or abrasion resistance or the colorfastness of synthetics, though, making for some of the most delicate carpets available.

Well, hopefully this helps you understand your carpets a bit more. But how can you tell which of these fibers is in your carpet? Well, there are a few tests you can run and if you’d like to know what they are, just post a message in the comments below!

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