Green Living: Back to School Tips

Soon the buses will be rolling up, the backpacks will be slung over shoulders, and the kids will be back in school.

Of course, before they head off you’ve got to run the Back-to-School gauntlet. Is it possible to stay green while dealing with demands for school supplies and new clothes? It sure is and Oxi Fresh has the tips to help you out!

Lunch: It’s in the Bag
Let’s start with an easy one: brown bags are big no-no if you want to stay green. Even if the bags end up recycled – and there’s no guarantee with energetic kids – there’s a greener choice to be had in reusable lunch bags and boxes.

Let your kids pick their own bag to add a bit of fun (and to help reduce the chance of them “forgetting” their bag at school)!

Surplus Supplies
Ten folders for a dollar! 24-Pack of Pens for 99¢! Back-to-School sales can be pretty tempting, but don’t go on a shopping spree just yet.

Before you buy, check to see what you have at home. Most of us have more school supplies stocked up than we realize and a few minutes of running inventory can help save you money and keep you from creating pointless waste.

It’s Cool to Pool
Kids have got to get to school somehow, but these days there are too many parents driving their kids. It’s convenient, of course, but it makes for a lot of extra pollution.

Thankfully, there are tons of ways to cut down on this problem. First off, if your school offers a bus, that’s always a great choice. A second option is set up a carpool with any nearby neighbors whose kids also go to the school.

If you live within biking or walking distance of the school, you could also set up a Walk/Bikepool. That’s when an adult chaperone or two will go through their neighborhood, gather up the kids, and lead them to school. It’s a great way to cut down on pollution and get some exercise.

Time to Teach
The most powerful way to make your kid’s back-to-school adventure green has nothing to do with recycling or buying eco-friendly products. The best thing you can do is talk to your children about why it’s important to be green.

Share with them why you care about the environment, teach them how waste and pollution hurts everyone, and help them learn how to be green in their own lives. By doing this, you’ll be helping raise the next generations of eco-conscious citizens who can help keep our environment healthy.

Thanks to Eric Novak of, the Huffington Post, Lindsey William of, and the team for the great information. Check out their websites for more tips on how to keep going back to school green.

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