Victorious Vinegar: 3 Great Cleaning Tips

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Vinegar isn’t something you think about every day. It’s always there in the pantry for the occasional salad dressing or marinade, but that’s about it. Yet vinegar is a wonder liquid with dozens of uses that’s also safe and economical. Now we don’t want to go over each and every use of vinegar(it would take […]

Grass-Be-Gone: Getting Grass Stains Out of Clothes

Categories: Cleaning Tips, Laundry Tips

Green grass, longer days, better and better weather – it’s the perfect time of year for the kids to be playing outdoors. Of course, happy as we are to see them having fun, we’re not quite so happy with the stains they bring back. Kids have an amazing talent for making messes, and one of […]

The Keyser Brothers of Oxi Fresh of St. Louis Named Multi-Brand Stars!

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Congratulations to Charles and Jesse Keyser for being named Multi-Brand Stars in the latest issue of Multi-Unit Franchisee! In a great article by Debbie Selinsky, the brothers talk about their long history in franchising and how they went from owning no businesses, to one franchise, and then to 20 locations and counting across three major […]