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Beaver Falls Steam Cleaning


Beaver Falls Steam Cleaning

Carpets can help make a room feel comfy and warm when they’re clean. When they’re dirty and soiled, they can bring the whole vibe of your home down. That’s when many people turn to Beaver Falls steam cleaning to get their floors looking nice again.

However, there’s a far superior alternative to steam cleaning out there. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers eco-friendly, affordably priced cleaning without all the mess and fuss of steam cleaning. We don’t drench your carpets in water and leave them soggy all day long. Instead, we use the power of oxygen to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

We’re a leader in the carpet-cleaning industry, thanks in part to our innovative solutions and revolutionary machinery. Since we use oxygen to deep clean, your carpets will also be done drying in as little as an hour. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, can leave your carpets drenched for as long as 24 hours!

Leave Beaver Falls steam cleaning in the past and make an appointment with Oxi Fresh by using our handy Online Scheduler or calling our Scheduling Center at 724-506-6644!

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Years ago, Beaver Falls steam cleaning was the only option around. However, people are now starting to see how old-fashioned this method is and the many drawbacks it brings.

In addition to it taking as long as 24 hours for carpets to finish drying, waterlogging carpets can also lead to “wickback.” Wickback happens when carpets are oversaturated, which causes the carpet pads beneath to get wet and absorb dirt and stains from the surface. As the carpets dry, the water and grime in the pads wick back to the surface, leaving the floors looking as dirty as if they weren’t cleaned in the first place.

When Oxi Fresh cleans for you, we use 95% less water than Beaver Falls steam cleaners. That means you won’t have to worry about wickback with us. Not to mention our exceptionally fast dry times!

Call us at 724-506-6644 or use our Online Scheduler to book your appointment today!

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We inherited some old stains with our new house and ended up with some gnarly new ones from our puppy. I really was prepared for maybe 1/2 the stains to be gone and would have understood. But Libby got nearly all of them and the carpet we were about to rip up looks fantastic! She prepared us for realistic results & ended up exceeding our expectations. It was worth every penny. Doesn’t even look like the same carpet, thankfully! Thank you for your hard work, Libby! MF. - Huntersville, NC - 10/15/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
My carpet looks brand new! Brian was very thorough and got the spots out! I will use them again. Oxi Carpet Cleaning of St. Joseph. LE. - Smithville, MO - 10/15/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Tyler did a fantastic job and was extremely professional! RW. - Evansville, IN - 10/14/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Mike Divoky

Meet Mike Divoky


When you want your carpets to look pristine, trust Mike Divoky to handle it! His team of experts will work their absolute hardest to remove tough grime and get your floors looking years younger. They hope to clean for you soon!

Our Cleaning Process

We follow a five-step process to help ensure our cleaning delivers world-class results each and every time. There's a reason we've earned thousands upon thousands of five-star reviews from our customers!

Let's take a closer look at what you can expect when you choose Oxi Fresh over Beaver Falls steam cleaning alternatives:

Step 1: We'll start by doing a careful examination to locate any heavily soiled or damaged areas.

Step 2: Next, we'll apply a pretreatment to any areas with heavy soiling. The pretreatment uses special enzymes to break down tough grime.

Step 3: After that, we'll use our core carpet-cleaning solution across the entire floor. This product works in two ways. An oxygenated booster works to break down grime, and an encapsulator locks debris in microscopic sodium crystals to prevent it from reattaching to the carpet fibers.

Step 4: From there, we use our powerful OF1000 carpet-cleaning machine. The OF1000 uses dual, counter-rotating brushes to clean deep into the carpet pile and extract dirt.

Step 5: Finally, we'll vacuum and groom the carpet to leave it looking beautiful.

Additional Services

Oxi Fresh is proud to offer more than just carpet cleaning. We're also here to provide upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning!

To book Oxi Fresh instead of Beaver Falls steam cleaning alternatives, call us today at 724-506-6644 or use our Online Scheduler!

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