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Rocky River Tile and Grout Cleaning


Rocky River Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile – it’s an amazing flooring option. Durable, attractive, and generally easy to maintain. That is, as our expert Rocky River tile and grout cleaners know, it’s easy until the grime begins to build up. Over time, a thin layer of impacted oils and dirt will appear, a layer that won’t budge despite aggressive mopping. When that happens, you need a professional cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

Using our powerful, professional solutions and equipment, we can break down the grime that’s bringing your tile and grout down. We can also eliminate grout stains in order to leave the entire floor looking top-notch. 

So, if the dirt has just become too much of a burden to bear, call Oxi Fresh at 440-499-4800. We’ll work hard and get your home’s tile floors back to looking beautiful.

How We Clean Tile and Grout

Never had a tile and grout cleaning in Rocky River before? Curious as to how Oxi Fresh will transform your floors? We’re more than happy to give you a peek inside our powerful cleaning process:

Step 1: Inspection of the Flooring

We always first inspect the tile and grout we’re going to clean. It’s important to have a good understanding of the floor in question.

Step 2: Vacuuming to Remove Debris

Loose debris can cause two problems. First, it can decrease the effectiveness of the cleaning. Second, if it is something like grit or gravel, it could potentially scratch the floor during a cleaning. A thorough vacuuming eliminates both of those risks.

Step 3: Treating the Tile

We then spray the tile and grout with our Oxi Stone Cleaner. It will quickly begin breaking down oils and grime.

Step 4: Accelerating the Cleaning through Agitation

Now that the product is working at the dirt and oils trapped on the tile and in the grout, we’ll use our cleaning machine to scrub the floors. Its special tile and grout brushes quicken the cleaning process, helping the Oxi Stone Cleaner break up the stubborn grime and oils.

Step 5: Extraction and Oxi Restore

The cleaning proper is more or less complete now, so we’ll rinse and extract the floors in order to get them wonderfully clean. Now, if we have any remaining grout stains at this point, we’ll treat them with Oxi Restore. This special solution will do a number on any stains.

Step 6: Grout Protectant (Optional)

This last step in our tile and grout cleaning process is optional, but it is one we recommend. A grout protectant will help protect your grout, which is more porous and prone to absorbing stains and spills.

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I like the stain removal, sanitation option and deodorizer. The technician was super friendly and professional. EP. - Imperial, MO - 08/10/2022
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Joe Gardner

Meet Joe Gardner


Ready to see your home’s tile and grout refreshed? Want your rooms to regain their former glory? Then you want Joe Gardener and his team of Rocky River tile and grout cleaners. They’ll work hard to get your home back to looking grand. They can’t wait to clean for you!

Not Just Tile and Grout Cleaning

Did you know that Oxi Fresh offers a wide-range of additional services. We can, as our name implies, clean carpets with the power of oxygen. We can also clean upholstery, we offer hardwood floor cleanings, we can erase pet urine stains and odors, and much more.

So, if you need your whole house refreshed, Oxi Fresh is a great choice for you. To book your cleaning, contact us at 440-499-4800. We can’t wait to serve you!

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