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Chesterfield Tile and Grout Cleaning


Chesterfield Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors can be beautiful right, that is until the dirt starts to build up. Then the floor quickly becomes ugly, and only a Chesterfield tile and grout cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get the tile back to looking lovely.

For while basic tile maintenance can be very easy – it’s part of the reason it’s a popular flooring option in kitchens and bathrooms – once the dirt becomes impacted, it’s a different story. That tough film of dirt that clings to the surface of the floor and gets into the pores of the grout can be a nightmare to remove. 

But with Oxi Fresh, you can rest assured that your tile will come out looking and feeling much cleaner. Using our targeted solutions, powerful equipment, and careful approach, Oxi Fresh can take tile that you want to toss and turn it into an attractive floor once more. 

To get our tile and grout cleanings in Chesterfield, call our Scheduling Center at 636-536-4690. We look forward to showing you everything Oxi Fresh can do!

How We Clean Tile and Grout

If you’ve never had us provide a tile and grout cleaning before, you might be wondering what to expect. While every appointment will be tailored to your needs, here is the overall process we’ll follow:

Step 1

The first step to any appointment is a visual inspection of the area that you want cleaned. This allows the technician to target their efforts in the most efficient way. 

Step 2

Next up we vacuum the tile floor. This removes grit and dirt that wouldn’t be broken down during cleaning.

Step 3

Once that is finished, we apply the Oxi Stone Cleaner. This solution breaks up the dirt and oils that are clinging to your tile and grout. 

Step 4

Using our OF2000, we’ll then agitate the tiles. This agitation helps to speed up the cleaning process by breaking up grime and dirt. 

Step 5

We’ll then rinse the tile, wrapping up our general cleaning process. At this point, if we notice that there were stains on the grout lines that didn’t come up, we can employ our Oxi Restore solution. This stronger solution can get even the darkest grout line clean. 

(Optional) Step 6

We also offer an optional grout protectant service that will seal the porous grout and prevent it from absorbing future stains.

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Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser

Meet Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser


Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser and his team are proud to offer Chesterfield tile and grout cleaning. They know how hard it can be to get tile floors looking lovely after the years have done a number on them. So if you have floors that need a freshening up, let Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser and their team show you what they can do!

Benefits of Oxi Fresh

  • Rather than using ‘window’ appointments, you’ll book your cleaning for the time that works best for you. With Oxi Fresh, you won’t be left waiting around all afternoon for a cleaner to show up!
  • We competitively price all of our services so we don’t break your budget. Plus, if you use our Online Scheduler, we regularly offer great deals on carpet and upholstery cleaning services.
  • Our company is trusted because we deliver real results. Check out some of our reviews to see what customers are saying!

Carpet Cleaner

In addition to offering Chesterfield tile and grout cleaning, Oxi Fresh also offers carpet cleaning. We are famous for how we clean carpets using the power of oxygen! Let us refresh your floors – whether they’re tile or carpet. We also provide upholstery cleaning!

To get any of our cleaning services, call our Scheduling Center at 636-536-4690 today!

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