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Chandler Upholstery Cleaning


Chandler Upholstery Cleaning

No matter how careful you might be, furniture eventually gets dirty. When that happens in your home, you can count on our Chandler upholstery cleanings to get the job done.

At Oxi Fresh’s Chandler Carpet Cleaning, we use a multi-step process, powerful but safe cleaning solutions, and innovative technology to rapidly breakdown and extract the dirt and oils in the upholstery fabric. Once we clean your furniture, you’ll be amazed at how lovely and soft it feels and looks.

To schedule an appointment, use our Online Scheduler or call our friendly Scheduling Center.

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

There are many benefits to getting a professional cleaning done by Oxi Fresh. First and foremost, our Chandler upholstery cleanings are superior to other services and our results will amaze you.

But here are some of the other reasons why people choose Oxi Fresh over other cleaners:

  • Green solutions that are safe for people and pets
  • No “Window” appointments – choose the time that works for you
  • Great value and discounts frequently offered
  • Convenient bookings through our Online Scheduler
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Natalie Ehrlich

Meet Natalie Ehrlich


If you live in Chandler, then you’re in luck! Natalie Ehrlich and her technicians are here to serve you. These hardworking, friendly folks are expertly trained in our cleaning process. You can rely on them to get your home’s upholstery looking lovely. Natalie and her Chandler upholstery cleaners look forward to cleaning for you!

Our Process

When you schedule a Chandler upholstery cleaning with Oxi Fresh, your technician will carefully follow our proven multi-step procedure. Here's an overview of what your appointment will look like.

Step 1: Examination
Upon arrival, your technician will inspect the upholstery pieces you want us to clean. We'll be looking for areas with heavy soiling that might need extra attention. Once done, we'll discuss our findings with you to give you a clear idea of the results you can expect.

Step 2: Applying Pretreatment
Next, we'll apply a pretreatment to the entire piece. The pretreatment solution contains an enzyme that specifically targets and breaks down tough residues.

Step 3: Clean-Up
Once our Chandler upholstery cleaning pretreatment has done its work, we use our cleaning machine to both rinse the piece and then extract the now broken-up oils, dirt, and residues.

Step 4: Encapsulating Rinse
We will then put an encapsulating rinse onto the upholstery. This solution will work to protect the fabric from watermarks that could develop during the drying process.

Step 5: Finishing Touches
Last, your technician will do a final vacuum and grooming of the upholstery. Once done, we'll leave your furniture looking great once more!

Carpet Cleaner
If your upholstery is looking a bit dingy, odds are your carpet is too. Take a look at your floors – are they a few shades darker than you remember them being originally? Is there a soiled area you can't seem to get rid of no matter how often you clean it?

Let Oxi Fresh handle the problem for you. We'll deep clean the carpet using the power of oxygen and get your floor back to looking and feeling fresh.

Book an appointment through our Online Scheduler or by calling our Scheduling Center at 480-360-7979!

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