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There are a lot of things Hawaii has going for it. Glorious beaches, a rich culture, an excellent climate, the longest average lifespans in America, powerful volcanoes, and much more.

Getting Carpet Cleaning in Hawaii

Of course, not everything’s perfect; Hawaii residents still face the same problems everyone does – including dirty carpets. Sand, stains, and dirt will get into carpet no matter where it is, so Hawaii carpet cleanings are a necessity. Though when you’re faced with all the available Hawaii carpet cleaning options, the decision can be difficult. So to help you out, we here at Oxi Fresh wanted to clearly explain the benefits of our Hawaii carpet cleaning services.

Your Hawaii Carpet Cleaners

There are, of course, multiple advantages to our green carpet cleaning system, but let’s start with the fact that it’s low moisture. Our Hawaii carpet cleaning technicians only use about 2 gallons of water for an average sized home, compared to the 30-40 gallons other Hawaii carpet cleaning systems can use. This means carpets dry in about an hour after we’re done – that way you’re not walking on wet carpets all day.

A low moisture Hawaii carpet cleaning cleaning is nice, but only if it does a good job – which is precisely what Oxi Fresh does. We’re low moisture because our Hawaii carpet cleaning solutions and unique machine don’t need tons of water to get great results. Our Oxi Fresh HI carpet cleaners begin the cleaning by spraying the carpets with our encapsulator and oxygenated booster. These Hawaii carpet cleaning solutions begin breaking down the stains and capturing them in microscopic crystals.

By encapsulating the dirt and debris, it’s prepped to be removed by our Hawaii carpet cleaning machine and its dual, counter-rotating brushes. This machine scrubs upwards and inwards, lifting dirt and stains deep in the carpet pile up and out of the carpet. The result is a deep, thorough Hawaii carpet cleaning that dries quickly and leaves carpets feeling fresh.

Another benefit of Oxi Fresh’s system is that it’s green. We use specially tested products that are safe for pets, children, and the environment – our core cleaning product has even received the EPA’s coveted Design for the Environment certification. Additionally, we save thousands of gallons of water a year thanks to our low moisture Hawaii carpet cleaning method.

Scheduling a HI Carpet Cleaning

To schedule your Hawaii carpet cleaning services, just use our Online Scheduler or call our friendly Scheduling Center! Make sure to grab one of our great carpet cleaning coupons!

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My stains were lighten but not all of it come out. Expected a deeper clean with better results JM. - Charlotte, NC - 07/04/2019
(3.5 Out of 5 stars)
DS. - Milwaukee, WI - 07/04/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I appreciated how easy Mark was to work with. He was prompt and did a nice job. This is my second time using Oxi Fresh of Gig Harbor and I intend to use them in the future. HM. - Gig Harbor, WA - 07/04/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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