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Grand Rapids Carpet Cleaning

Looking for a professional carpet cleaner in the Grand Rapids, MI area? Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® offers the best commercial carpet cleaning services with the fastest dry time available. Oxi Fresh of Grand Rapids carpet cleaning has a three part oxygenated solution that powerfully cleans carpets so stains will easily break down and be removed from your carpet. Best of all: there are no drying times that take hours or days and no sticky residue. Our system uses the power of oxygen to clean. Which means it is natural and safe for children and pets. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® is the leader in carpet cleaning in Kent County, with an unmatched standard of excellence.

Grand Rapids, MI Carpet Cleaning

The power of Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning will surprise you. We provide West Michigan with the best wall to wall carpet cleaning as well as a low moisture, non-toxic application process perfect for cleaning area rugs, upholsteryand the removal of stains and odor, especially in homes with pets. (See our Grand Rapids carpet cleaning coupons for deals.) Do you need your home’s carpet cleaned and dried fast? Oxi Fresh of Grand Rapids Carpet Cleaning’s® quick one hour dry time allows you to call your local carpet cleaning franchise for last minute cleanings any time. With world class customer service and the lowest prices available, Oxi Fresh has quickly become Kent County’s carpet cleaning expert.

Grand Rapids MI Carpet Cleaner

It is fitting that Oxi Fresh is West Michigan’s main choice for consumers not only for our great prices and thorough cleaning service, but also by using non-toxic, eco-friendly products. We make our solutions with low Volatile Organic Compounds that are not toxic and actually improve air quality. Oxi Fresh also removes allergens, contaminants, dust mites and soils from your carpet, which helps improve the environment in your home as well. Our low-moisture system keeps your carpet pad dry by using 95% less water than typical steam cleaners. This is especially important homes near the Grand River that creates mold and mildew problems for Grand Rapids residents. The power of oxygen is irrefutable, and the benefits of Oxi Fresh’s Grand Rapids MI commercial carpet cleaning are amazing!

We here at Oxi Fresh are the stain removal experts. All of our Oxi Fresh of Grand Rapids carpet cleaning franchises use innovative cleaning equipment that use low moisture application method with high-tech cleaning brushes that lift dirt rather than push it in further for the most effective Grand Rapids carpet cleaning services available. Our products are famous for getting out even the toughest stains, and they’re non-toxic, so they’re absolutely safe for kids and pets. If you want an effective and efficient carpet cleaner in Grand Rapids, choose Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® today; stains don’t stand a chance against us!

Green Carpet Cleaning in Grand Rapids

Steam cleaning and machine with spinning bonnet are things of the past and Oxi Fresh’s fast and safe method is the way to go! Oxi Fresh of Grand Rapids carpet cleaning produces a true deep cleaning, as opposed to the top surface cleaning experienced with the spin bonnet method which actually pushes dirt and oily grime deeper into the carpet pile. Steam cleaning saturates your carpet with water and chemicals and can take 24 hours or longer to dry! This amount of saturation leaves your carpet pad vulnerable to mildew growth and stains often reappear, which is prone to happen in humid areas like Grand Rapids. More customers choose Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® for our pile lifting technology which effectively emulsifies and removes the oils and dirt from the bottom of your carpet pile. We do all this while using very little water, leaving your carpets dry in approximately 60 minutes.

No matter how many rooms you need cleaned, Oxi Fresh’s environmentally friendly green carpet cleaning in Grand Rapids can do the job! We can help protect your family’s health and make your carpet last long with our cutting edge Grand Rapids carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. Just call your local Oxi Fresh of Grand Rapids MI carpet cleaning franchise today for a free estimate over the phone. Don’t forget to ask about our current carpet cleaning coupons and offers for the Grand Rapids area.