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Testimonials - Catherine Gray

Exceeded Expectations

"Very much exeeded expectations. I seriously considered buying new carpet but dec...

- Catherine Gray


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Oxi Fresh Wins National Award for Franchisee Satisfaction
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Small does not mean easy, as any "small" business owner can tell you. Everything from marketing to employee management is up to them and one mistake can severely hurt their company. And that's why the website AllBusiness.com is so useful. They have one of the largest collections of business journals and glossaries, many easy to use forms and agreements, and profiles on more than 14 million companies. And all of that is being given to business owners for free!

Another service they provide is for those looking into buying a franchise - the AllBusiness AllStar Franchise List rankings. This list ranks over 800 franchise systems and identifies the top 300 based on growth, financial strength, years in business, web visibility, and more. It's not easy to get onto their list, but if you do, it's a sign that you have a healthy company. Oxi Fresh is apparently in great shape, because for 2011, we were ranked #172 on the AllStar list!

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