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As You Like It – Convenient Carpet Cleaning

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Let’s all be honest, we like it when things are incredibly convenient. Cooking every meal was once the norm – as was doing the heavy preparation of things like baking and canning – and now we can, without getting out of our cars, get hot food for an entire family in a manner of minutes. It’s really nice to be able to do that, isn’t it? Of course, making a meal for your family isn’t something we’d want to stop doing, it’s just nice to have an easy alternative in case we don’t have the time to cook. So, if we have such convenience when it comes to food (and hundreds of other areas as well) why are carpet cleanings so annoying and inconvenient?

To start, a lot of carpet cleaning companies do not book for specific times, but rather windows. That means they can say “We’ll be there between 2 and 4″ and you’re stuck waiting for them to arrive. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when your cleaner was arriving? That way you could schedule the cleaning into your day rather then your day around a carpet cleaning. Well, if you schedule a cleaning with Oxi Fresh, that’s just what you can do. Rather than making you wait, we book appointments for specific times and strive to always be there right on time. Continue Reading post – As You Like It – Convenient Carpet Cleaning

What We Do Differently

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So what does Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning do differently than our competition? Well, just about everything. To begin, Oxi Fresh provides a fast drying carpet cleaning. That means, unlike the hot water extraction method – “steam” cleaners – our method doesn’t depend on soaking the carpet. Since we know that type of cleaning  fails to provide the most thorough job, we see no reason to repeat what they do.  Instead,  for our carpet cleaning services, we will use just a small amount of water, combined with our oxygenated booster and our encapsulator, and spray that over the carpet.

The booster begins breaking up the dirt and stains in the carpet, and then the encapsulator forms microscopic crystals around those stains (both are non toxic carpet cleaning solutions) making them easy to remove from the carpet.  This two step process is extremely effective, and can take care of most stains in the carpets with relative ease. What’s more, since Oxi Fresh is a fast drying carpet cleaner, the carpets dry in about an hour after their sprayed. Continue Reading post – What We Do Differently

The Competition – Part II

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Now I’m going to tell you about dry cleaning, a method used by some carpet cleaning companies who compete to Oxi Fresh. Unlike steam cleaning, which tries to use a lot of water in order to break up and then suck up the stains,  dry cleaning uses no or very little liquid.  Instead, they rely on a scrubbing system.  They use a machine called a “Spinning Bonnet,” that is supposed to break up the stains in the carpet and then absorb them.  The idea sounds good in passing, but if you examine it closely, you’ll find major flaws.

The first problem with this professional carpet cleaning arises with the machine itself. The “Spinning Bonnet” is, in essence, a floor buffer with an absorbent pad attached to it.  Floor buffers are excellent for cleaning floors – but floors like tile & grout, hardwoods, and linoleum. Why? Well, they scrub downwards and in circles, so they only work on flat surfaces. Because carpet has depth, though, the the bristles can’t clean the entire carpet. Their downward scrubbing motion only cleans the surface while compressing carpet fibers and pushing dirt and stains further down. Continue Reading post – The Competition – Part II

The Competition

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Here at Oxi Fresh, we’re proud to be one of the best carpet cleaning companies out there. Of course, any company could say that they’re one of the best, but if they don’t say why, then it’s time to ask questions. Since we claim Oxi Fresh is one of the best, then, we want to back up our claim and explain how we’re superior to the competition.  This topic will be spread out over a few posts, since we have a lot of ground to cover. But let’s begin by talking about our competition.

There are currently two main types of carpet cleaners – steam cleaners and dry cleaners. These methods are also known as hot-water extraction and the spinning-bonnet method.  Let’s start by looking at steam cleaning. This is perhaps the most common method of cleaning. The process goes something like this. Using a truck mounted water supply and power source, the technician will begin soaking your carpets with extremely hot water. Continue Reading post – The Competition

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