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33% of Your Day

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If you work in an office with a normal, eight hour shift, that means you spend about a third of your day there, or half of your waking hours. That’s a lot of time spent in one location. What’s more, most of us don’t spend a full eight hours (awake at least) at home during a normal day. That means, like it or not, your office is very much a second home.

So . . . how’s the second home looking? Clean, cheerful, but a bit cluttered? Organized, gray, and dull? Out of sorts and a bit dingy? Not really sure? It’s okay, not all of us pay attention to this sort of thing. Take a minute and look around and the actual furnishings and colors around you – look at your office as a room and not a place where you work. What do you see?

The answer will depend on where you work, but given enough time and enough foot traffic, everyone will eventually be able to say, “I see a dirty office.” A bit of dust certainly won’t cause the business to come crashing down, but a dirty or disorganized office will hurt overall productivity. Think of it like a home. If you have a project at home you want to do, but can’t find the necessary tools and everything is a bit grimy, you either won’t be able to do the job, will be hindered while doing so, or just won’t want to anymore (messes are disheartening.)

The same is true of your office, if it looks distended and messy, it will affect you and everyone else’s attitude and performance. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that – humans naturally just begin to reflect their surroundings. What you can do, though, is change the surroundings. Bring out a carpet cleaning company for a commercial carpet cleaning. Bring out professional cleaners to polish everything up and get the office back in shape. Schedule a day for everyone to organize their workplaces and office as a whole. Spend some time making your second home clean and organized and you’ll find it’s a better place to work at. Good Luck!

The Importance of a Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleanings

Help your business with a Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever gone into an office building or a business and noticed that it just wasn’t very clean? There was dust on the furniture, the windows were grimy, the furniture was in poor condition, the lighting was bad, and the carpets were filthy. Did you instantly think that the entire place needed to be scrubbed down and get a good carpet cleaning? When a  business makes you feel that way, they are not only hurting their chances to impress customers, but their hurting the employees themselves.

How so? Well, environments always affect the people in them.  An environment colored with soft pastels, comfortable furniture, and gentle muzak is likely to make people feel relaxed and less easily angered. An environment with red colors, hard plastic seats, and a lot of noise is going to want make people get in and out very quickly.  Likewise, if you come to a business that has a general feel of disarray and neglect, you’ll probably notice that the employees there seemed less efficient and provided a lower quality experience. This is just another case of how an environment directly affects the people. These people work in a dirty, unkempt place and their service reflects it – which in the end hurts their company as a whole. Continue Reading post – The Importance of a Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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