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Roy Steam Cleaning


Roy Steam Cleaning

Don’t waste your time and money with traditional Roy steam cleaning because it can be messy and take all day. For years, old-fashioned steam cleaning made sense, but Oxi Fresh has changed the game!  

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning depends on the power of oxygen, and we use eco-friendly solutions that are safe for the environment! It’s time to move away from Roy steam cleaning where you could wait up to 24 hours for your carpets to dry. With Oxi Fresh, your floors will be dry in just about an hour! 

Our Online Scheduler is easy to use, or you can call us at 801-820-0636 to schedule an appointment! 

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Old fashioned steam cleaning uses ridiculous amounts of water that can oversaturate your floors, causing long wait times for it to dry. No one wants to wait up to 24 hours for dry floors. Anyone with small children and pets knows how hard it can be to keep them away from wet floors, and an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning will be dry in about an hour! 

Our expert technicians know what to look for when cleaning your carpets. With traditional steam cleaning, an anomaly called “wickback” can occur, making it even harder to properly clean the floors. Wickback takes place when a stain disappears only to reappear later. This can happen when the floors aren’t cleaned properly or are oversaturated. If this has happened to you, get rid of Roy steam cleaning!

The answer is simple. Try our Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning for amazing results and floors  that are dry in about an hour! 

Use our Online Scheduler to book a carpet cleaning appointment or call us at 801-820-0636 today!

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Boyd & Marciea Casselman

Meet Boyd and Marciea Casselman


When you need your carpet to look years younger, call Boyd and Marciea Casselman! Their expert technicians use innovative technology and safe, eco-friendly equipment to make your floors look amazing! The Casselmans look forward to hearing from you!

The Oxi Fresh Process

Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning is an obvious step up from Roy steam cleaning, as we use modern technology and safe green cleaning solutions to revitalize your floors. We can rid your carpet of unwanted dirt and grime, and your floors will be dry in about an hour! 

An Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning service will look like this: 

Step 1 – Before we do anything to the floors, we complete a thorough examination of your carpets, looking for any areas that might need extra care. 

Step 2 – Next, we use our pretreatment solution. Powered by enzymes, the solution breaks down persistent oils and grime that have been impacted into the carpet fibers.

Step 3 – Then, our core carpet-cleaning solution is added to destroy and trap the dirt. The solution is a combination of an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator. The oxygenated booster breaks down the dirt in tiny pieces, making it easier for the encapsulator to trap the pieces into microscopic crystals. The crystals are then removed along with the trapped dirt and grime. This also prevents the dirt from clinging to the carpet. 

Step 4 – Our specially designed carpet-cleaning machine lifts the debris that is embedded in your carpet’s fibers. The machine’s counter-rotating brushes ensure a deep-scrubbing clean that won’t compress your floors. 

Step 5 – Finally, to make your floors look extra clean and fresh, we dry and groom them. 

We can make your carpets look years younger, and your floors will be dry in about an hour! Roy steam cleaning can take up to 24 hours to dry.  

Residential and Commercial Services

We offer both residential and commercial cleaning services. Try any of our Oxi Fresh cleaning services for your home like: tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleanings, and carpet stain removal. Give us a call at 801-820-0636 or visit our Online Scheduler today!

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