Peter & Carrie Smith

Round Rock Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Round Rock Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A premium and fresh wood floor can give your home an air of elegance and grandness. If your floors are worn out or dirty, it doesn’t have the same effect. Give Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a call today and book the best Round Rock hardwood floor cleaning appointment available! Our cleanings are powerful and modern, without the harshness of sanding!

Our cleanings can have you amazed in just one appointment. Our mighty combination of trained cleaning experts, powerful solutions, and modern cleaning equipment mix together to give you powerful results fast. If you’re looking for an efficient way to dissolve and remove the debris that has hindered your flooring, Oxi Fresh is the team for you. 

Give our Scheduling Center a call at 512-861-4410 and book your Round Rock hardwood floor cleaning appointment with us today! 

Our Cleaning Process

When you book with Oxi Fresh, you get an amazing alternative to harsh and time-consuming methods of the competition. Here is what you can expect from your next cleaning appointment!

  1. We begin by examining your floor, taking notice of any areas of heavy damage or wearing. 
  2. Then we vacuum your flooring powerfully, removing any grit or debris that would otherwise hinder our cleaning process. 
  3. Next, we apply our pretreatment solution to your floors, using our OF2000. This hardwood floor cleaning machine is the key to our process, as we can use it to apply our formulas, scrub your floors powerfully, and then also remove any broken-down particles with ease. 
  4. Finally, we use our OF2000 to apply our main cleaning formula, to ensure your floors look their best!


After seeing our powerful results, you may be interested in a powerful solution that gives your floors a nice semi-gloss finish. If you’re interested in this, ask about our Oxi Floor Refinisher today!

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Peter & Carrie Smith

Meet Peter and Carrie Smith


Peter and Carrie Smith and their team of Round Rock hardwood floor cleaning experts have the skills and experience needed to provide you with the best results in town. If you want to see your hardwood floors look grand and pristine once more, their team of hardwood floor cleaners can get the job done for you today.

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

  • No Sanding Needed
  • Faster Cleanings
  • Easy Scheduling 
  • Potent Formulas
  • Premium Results

Acrylic Wax Removal 

Acrylic waxes are often used in DIY floor-cleaning products, as they add a nice shine to your flooring. Over time though, this finish will inevitably fade, leaving your floors dull once more. Homeowners will then often add more of the same product, not realizing that these layers of wax they are continually adding to their floors will build over time until finally they must be removed for your floors to be cleaned. 

Oxi Fresh provides this option, so we can remove these layers of wax and prep your floors to be cleaned thoroughly today!

Additional Services

We offer much more than Round Rock hardwood floor cleanings! Oxi Fresh is proud to offer a variety of cleaning services for your floors, such as upholstery cleanings, tile and grout cleanings, and even carpet floor cleanings. Our powerful cleanings and potent formulas are available for you, and we can produce the best results in Round Rock today!

Give our team a call at 512-861-4410 and book your next Round Rock hardwood floor cleaning today! 

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