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Houston Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Houston Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood adds classic elegance to a room and also boosts the overall value of your home. Oxi Fresh’s Houston hardwood floor cleaning is here for when you need your floor revitalized and protected.

Even if you clean every day, your hardwood floor can still grow dirty. This is because there are natural cracks in the wood and between the planks. Over time, dirt and oil become trapped within these cracks and then build-up. This build-up grows and grows until it forms a layer of grime that can be next to impossible to remove. That’s why you need the help of a professional cleaner like Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services.

At Oxi Fresh, we combine innovative solutions and modern equipment to remove tough layers of grime from your hardwood. We can transform dirty hardwood into a floor that looks brighter and cleaner. 

Stop trying to hide marks and discoloration on your hardwood with rugs or by rearranging the furniture. Instead, let Oxi Fresh clean for you. We’ll restore the natural beauty and luster to your hardwood. You’ll be impressed with how amazing and pristine your hardwood floor can look once more.

Book our Houston hardwood floor cleaning by calling our Scheduling Center at 713-470-2526.

How We Clean Hardwood Floors

We follow a multi-step process to help ensure our cleaning achieves world-class results. Thousands of people know and trust Oxi Fresh to reliably deliver the very best cleaning service around.

Keep reading for an overview of what to expect when you order our Houston hardwood floor cleaning.

Step 1

We start by doing a careful examination of the hardwood floors that you want us to clean. This inspection will allow us to locate any problem areas where we might need to focus our attention.

Step 2

Vacuuming comes next. We must remove grit and debris from the surface of the hardwood floor. These materials have the potential to damage the wood during the cleaning process.

Step 3

After vacuuming, we’ll use a pretreatment on the hardwood. The pretreatment uses the power of enzymes to break down dirt and grime.

Step 4

After the pretreatment, we’ll use our core cleaner. This solution continues the work of the pretreatment and breaks apart residues.

Step 5

Next, we use our revolutionary cleaning machine. The OF2000 uses dual, counter-rotating brushes to deep clean the wood and extract residues.

Step 6 (Optional)

After we’re done cleaning, you can opt for an extra service. The Oxi Floor Refinisher can keep the hardwood looking clean for longer and also give it a semi-gloss finish for several months.

Why People Choose Us

Here are a few reasons why people prefer our Houston hardwood floor cleaning:

  • Affordable prices on our services
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Professional technicians
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Your technician did a great job. The stains disappeared and they were noticeable. Very professional. PD. - Silver Spring, MD - 06/18/2021
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Very professional and does a great job. KC. - Charlotte, NC - 06/18/2021
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Ralph Talavera

Meet Ralph Talavera


Ralph Talavera is here to provide Houston hardwood floor cleaning and get your homes looking and feeling pristine. His team of experts will work their absolute hardest to ensure your hardwood looks amazing. Ralph Talavera hopes to hear from you soon.

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Do the carpets in your home look dull? Have you been considering replacing the carpet with new flooring? Before you spend thousands of dollars on replacing the floor, let Oxi Fresh clean for you. We use the power of oxygen to remove years of dirt and get your carpet looking years younger.

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