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Aledo Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Aledo Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A dirty and grimy hardwood floor heavily detracts from the value of a home. Thankfully, an Aledo hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh is just what you need to refresh your flooring! 

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s powerful equipment mixed with our professional solutions brings you the best results in Aledo. Our professional hardwood floor cleaning erases years worth of dirt and debris fast, leaving your floors looking years younger in just one appointment. 

If that sounds interesting to you give us a call for more information! You can get in touch with our Scheduling Center at 682-231-8855 for all the answers to your questions today. 

How Do We Clean?

Maybe a hardwood floor cleaning sounds interesting but you still have questions. What does the cleaning process look like? Maybe you’ve seen other treatment methods and you’re concerned about needing to sand down your hardwood to achieve great results. 

Thankfully we’re here to tell you that our cleaning methods are efficient and effective without the need for sanding your floors! Let’s break down exactly what an Aledo hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh entails. 

Step 1 – We start by examining your flooring, carefully checking for any areas of heavy damage or areas for concern. 

Step 2 – We then begin by vacuuming your floor thoroughly. We do this to ensure your flooring is free of any debris particles that would otherwise hinder our cleaning process. 

Step 3 – After vacuuming we move on to our core cleaning process. This all made possible by our specialized hardwood cleaning machine, the OF2000. This machine can apply our solutions, agitate your flooring with its custom-fitted hardwood cleaning brush, and then extract the dirt that has surfaced. 

First, our OF2000 lays down our pretreatment solution, designed to break down the layer of dirt and oil that has covered your flooring. 

Step 4 – We then follow it up with our main cleaning solution that furthers this process. This OF2000’s combination of applying products, scrubbing your floors, and extracting dirt can provide you excellent results while avoiding sanding or soaking your floors. 

Step 5 (Optional) 

After your cleaning process is concluded, you can choose to get the Oxi Floor Refinisher applied to your floor. This semi-gloss, urethane coating adds a nice sheen to your now clean floors.

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Monty and Karrie Shipp

Meet Monty and Karrie Shipp


Tired of seeing dull and dingy floors in your home? Then it’s time for the Shipps and their team of Aledo hardwood floor cleaners to show you what they can do. They bring the amazing power of Oxi Fresh to homes and businesses, leaving once drab floors looking lovely. They hope to serve you soon!

Removal of Acrylic Wax

Many DIY floor cleaning solutions contain acrylic wax. This ingredient is responsible for temporarily adding a nice sheen to your flooring. This sheen eventually fades away though, leaving you no option but to add more product. What you may not realize is that the wax does not go away with time. Instead, layer after layer of wax is created.

With all these layers of wax, you can’t get a normal Aledo hardwood floor cleaning. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh offers an additional service that will safely strip away these layers of wax, allowing your natural floors to be cleaned and to properly shine once again.

Additional Services

Hardwood floor cleaning isn't the only service we can offer you. We also provide fantastic tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaningupholstery cleaning, and disinfection cleaning needs too. 

Contact our Scheduling Center for more information on booking and pricing at 682-231-8855. We’d love to help you schedule your hardwood floor cleaning today.

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