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Germantown TN Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Germantown TN Hardwood Floor Cleaning

There’s just nothing quite like real hardwood flooring to bring a sense of elegance and refinement to a home. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s Germantown hardwood floor cleaning was created to help you look after the floors you love. If your hardwood is starting to look dirty and dull, call uswe can help bring back your floors’ stunning shine! 

Oxi Fresh’s cleanings feature expert technicians, hard-working products, and modern equipment. These all come together to give you back the elegant, sophisticated floors you love. Just one cleaning can lift layers and layers of accumulated dirt from your floors, leaving them looking years younger! 

Interested in learning more? Call our ready-to-help Scheduling Center at 901-472-4664 to ask questions or to set up a cleaning with us. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Our Proven, Gentle Process

Maybe you’re interested in getting a hardwood cleaning for your home, but you still have a few questions. For instance, what will the cleaning involve? Does the technician have to do a full sanding-down of the hardwood? Will dust get left behind in your home? 

It surprises many people, but Oxi Fresh’s hardwood cleanings don’t actually involve any sanding, dust, or varnish. We’ve put together a cleaning process that is kind to your floors while simultaneously being tough as nails on built-up oil and residues. When you work with Oxi Fresh for a Germantown hardwood floor cleaning, you won’t need to be anxious about any wood dust being left behind in your home! 

Here’s a quick look into the steps of our tried-and-true cleaning process: 

Step 1 – First, we check out your floors, actively looking for anything that could cause issues for the final product. 

Step 2 – We then run a vacuum over your hardwood to pick up anything on the surface that could disrupt the cleaning. 

Step 3 – Next, we bring out the OF2000, our modern hardwood cleaning machine. The OF2000 is uniquely crafted with a mixture of application, agitation, and extraction processes to provide a stellar clean. 

The technician first runs the machine with a pretreatment solution to dissolve any dirt that’s gotten built up on your hardwood. Then, he or she will use it to apply our core cleaning solution, a solution which breaks the dirt down even further and then extracts it. Once the machine is finished going over your floors, that’s it! Your floors will be deep-cleaned and look refreshed, all without them ever having to be drenched in product. 

Step 4 (Optional) – Once we’ve completed the initial steps of the Germantown hardwood floor cleaning, we offer you the option of purchasing additional protection for your floors. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher will coat your hardwood in a temporary urethane covering which both protects it and leaves it with a semi-gloss finish. 

Ready to book a cleaning with us? Set one up today by contacting our Scheduling Center at 901-472-4664. We hope to serve you soon!

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David Smith

Meet David Smith


David Smith knows how valuable clean, well-manicured hardwood flooring is to a homeowner. With their advanced equipment and modern methods, he and his team are the cleaners you need to get floors that make you proud. Call the team today to set up your cleaning! David and the rest of his Germantown hardwood floor cleaning crew are excited to serve you!

Why Choose Oxi Fresh?

No Sanding Required - Our modern cleaning process includes no sanding or varnishes. While we’re tough on dirt and grime, we’re gentle with your floors. You can feel confident that our process won’t harm your hardwood and that no dust will be left behind in your home. 

Faster Cleanings - Because we don’t have to spend any of the appointment time sanding, our cleaning service is that much quicker! We intentionally design every step of the Oxi Fresh process with you in mind, working hard to provide a service that disrupts your day as little as possible. 

Easy Appointments - Have you gotten sick of waiting for a cleaner who says they’ll come at "some point in the morning?” Oxi Fresh’s appointment process is different and refreshingly simple—you pick the time to have us come. That's the time we’ll get there! 

Acrylic Wax Removal - Many homeowners look to cleaning products from the grocery store as their primary method for restoring their hardwood floors. What’s unfortunate is that many of these products contain acrylic waxes. These waxes do a great job at adding back a temporary shine to the floor; however, only a little while after they’ve been applied, their shine gets dull again. The homeowner’s only option for getting the shine back is to apply more of the product. 

What a homeowner might not realize is that, though the shine gets dull, the waxes that are on the hardwood stay. As you add more product to bring back the shine, wax and dirt just keep accumulating. It’s a never-ending cycle. Do you think this might be what’s happening to your hardwood? If so, Oxi Fresh offers a service that can break up and remove acrylic waxes, however many layers of it there are. We can help you end the cycle! 

Additional Services

In addition to the hardwood cleanings we offer, Oxi Fresh also has carpet cleaning services. Our modern, eco-friendly cleanings will leave you with dry carpets in just about one hour! 

If you’re ready to set up an Oxi Fresh Germantown hardwood floor cleaning, you can call our Scheduling Center at 901-472-4664. We hope to clean for you soon!

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