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Summerville Steam Cleaning


Summerville Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets bring beauty, satisfaction, and comfort to your home. Unfortunately, everyday use eventually causes dirt and grime to begin setting in. Summerville steam cleaning is often what people turn to to reverse those effects. Unfortunately, this often has mixed results and a drawn out drying time. Did you know there is a carpet cleaning company with a highly effective process that also reduces the drying time to as little as an hour?

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is that company! Our modern carpet cleaning services utilize eco-friendly solutions and the power of oxygen to break down and extract dirt and grime, renewing your carpet’s beauty and comfort – in about an hour! Give us a try! Once you do, we believe you will never want to return to old-fashioned, slow-drying, mixed-results Summerville steam cleaning again.

We would love to serve you! Scheduling an appointment is easy – you can do so using our Online Scheduler, or by calling 843-972-7010 today! We value your time as well as your business, so rather than providing a non-specific window appointment, Oxi Fresh offers specific appointment times which can be set to accommodate your schedule.

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

If you’ve ever used Summerville steam cleaning, you’ve likely had the experience of oversaturated floors and the inconvenience of having to wait as much as 24 hours for the carpets to dry. If children or pets are in the household, waiting for carpets to dry can be especially troublesome!

Additionally, steam cleaning that is unprofessionally or inappropriately applied can cause wickback, which occurs when a spot or spill initially seems to disappear but later resurfaces. This happens as a result of oversaturation and failure to fully extract the stain. 

Fortunately, your carpets are safe with Oxi Fresh! We utilize a low-moisture, quick-drying carpet cleaning process that provides outstanding results that dry in about one hour!

Scheduling an appointment is easy – book one today! You can do so using our Online Scheduler or by calling 843-972-7010. Oxi Fresh offers specific appointment times that fit conveniently with your schedule. 

The Oxi Fresh Process

Oxi Fresh utilizes a leading-edge cleaning system which can break down and remove years of dirt and grime with top-level results. The short amount of drying time required for our carpet cleaning service makes our services much preferred to ordinary Summerville steam cleaning.

When you use our Online Scheduler or call 843-972-7010 to book an appointment with us, you can expect the following:

Step 1 – First, we undertake a thorough examination of your carpets. Our experienced technicians will examine your carpets for any heavily soiled areas that might require extra treatment.

Step 2 – The cleaning process begins with applying our enzyme-powered pretreatment, which breaks down dirt and oils that have accumulated in the carpet. 

Step 3 – Then, our main carpet cleaning solution, composed of two different products, is applied to the floor. The first product is an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt, and the second product encapsulates that dirt into microscopic crystals. The encapsulation process is important because it prevents the dirt from reconnecting to the carpet’s fibers.

Step 4 – Next, we lift the dirt debris from the carpet using our highly effective carpet cleaning machines, which provide for a thoroughly deep clean without compressing the carpet pile.

Step 5 – Our final step is to vacuum and groom the carpets.

Our process has proven time and time again to erase years of dirt and debris with ease, leaving carpets refreshed and looking years younger. When we’re done, your carpets will dry in about one hour!

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Paige & John O’Dowd

Meet Paige and John O’Dowd


Paige and John O’Dowd employ well-trained professionals who utilize state-of-the-art, oxygen-powered technology to provide excellent results for your carpets. The O’Dowds are excited for the opportunity to help make your carpets look years younger!

Residential and Commercial Services

Oxi Fresh also provides commercial carpet cleanings! Whether your cleaning needs are for residential and commercial properties, Oxi Fresh can replace Summerville steam cleaning in your life and revitalize your carpets.

Call us at 843-972-7010 today or visit our Online Scheduler to schedule an appointment!

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