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Andrev Hooper

Reading Steam Cleaning


Reading Steam Cleaning

In our modern world, Reading steam cleanings, also known as “hot water extraction,” should mostly be a thing of the past. At Oxi Fresh, we’ve pioneered an array of modern methods, using specialized equipment and green cleaning solutions, to deliver a superior carpet cleaning experience with unmatched levels of convenience for our customers.

Our modern, low-moisture method uses the power of oxygen to clean carpets in an eco-friendly manner that doesn’t leave your carpets saturated for hours on end like a Reading steam cleaning does. In fact, we use about 95% less water than most steam cleaners, meaning your carpets are dry about one hour after our cleanings—not twelve to twenty-four hours like after a steam cleaning. 

Plus, with Oxi Fresh, we won’t need to drag long hoses through your house or run a noisy generator to power our carpet cleaning equipment. Instead, our powerful, portable equipment is energy-efficient and powered by wall outlets, allowing us to clean almost anywhere. For these and many other reasons, there’s really no debate: Oxi Fresh’s modern methods are just far more convenient than traditional steam cleaning.

When you’re ready for a high-powered, low-moisture carpet cleaning in Reading offering unmatched convenience, give us a call at 484-258-9595. You can also book an appointment online at whenever you’re ready. 

The Oxi Fresh Method

At Oxi Fresh, we employ our proprietary system to clean carpets in Reading, and this system has proven to be powerful, effective, and convenient for our customers, offering numerous advantages over conventional steam cleanings.

This system revolves around the following key steps: 

  • A careful inspection of the carpets
  • A pretreatment of any heavily soiled sections of the carpets using an enzyme-powered cleaner
  • A brief period of “dwell time”
  • An application of our core cleaning solution, a blend of an oxygen-powered booster and a powerful encapsulator, to the carpets
  • A deep cleaning, from multiple directions, using the OF1000 carpet cleaning machine
  • A vacuuming
  • A grooming of your carpets

With this low-moisture method—unlike a traditional Reading steam cleaning—Oxi Fresh leaves carpets deeply cleaned and dry just about one hour after we’re done.


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Andrev Hooper

Meet Andrev Hooper


Oxi Fresh’s local carpet cleaner, Andrev Hooper, is one of the top carpet cleaners in the Reading area. With unmatched professionalism, Andrev employs the Oxi Fresh method to deeply clean carpets and satisfy customers like you.  If you’re tired of waiting hours and hours for a Reading steam cleaning to dry, give Oxi Fresh a try today. Call 484-258-9595 to reach our team whenever you’re ready to make the switch. 

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning: A Superior Service

When you choose Oxi Fresh to clean your carpets instead of a Reading steam cleaner, you’re choosing a superior carpet cleaning service with numerous advantages. For starters, our effective methods, powerful cleaning solutions, and proven equipment join together to deliver world-class results for our customers’ carpets day in and day out. 

Our system also offers the following key advantages:

  • Fast, one-hour dry times
  • Low-moisture, water-conserving methods
  • Green carpet cleaning solutions
  • Energy-efficient equipment and processes
  • Easy and convenient scheduling options
  • Knowledgeable, respectful staff
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Add-on services available for tough situations, from advanced stains to odor issues

Simply put, Oxi Fresh offers a superior carpet cleaning experience based around modern methods and equipment—not the old-school techniques and inconvenient systems used by many steam cleaners. 

So when you’re ready for a superior carpet cleaning experience in Reading, give Oxi Fresh a call at 484-258-9595 or book your own appointment online at

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