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Norman Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Norman Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A hardwood floor can give a room a feeling of classic elegance. It can even increase the overall value of your home. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers Norman hardwood floor cleaning that can help remove dirt and grime build-up and even protect your floor from further staining.

Even if you clean every single day, your hardwood floor can still end up looking dingy. There are tiny cracks in the wood in which dirt and oil can easily become trapped. As these residues accumulate over time, it leads to a layer of grime forming. This grime dulls the sheen of your hardwood and can even discolor the wood. Once that happens, normal cleaning methods can struggle to remove the buildup. That’s where Oxi Fresh comes in.

By combining innovative solutions and modern equipment, Oxi Fresh is able to deep clean the hardwood and get it looking pristine. Our unique method is tough on dirt and grime, but gentle and safe on the wood itself. No matter how dirty or how large your floor is, we can handle it.

If you’re ready to have a hardwood floor that is beautifully clean and looks years younger, let Oxi Fresh clean for you today!

Book our Norman hardwood floor cleaning by calling our Scheduling Center at 405-928-0011.

How We Clean Hardwood Floors

By following a multi-step process, Oxi Fresh is able to ensure we do a thorough and efficient job of cleaning. We work hard to remove residues from the floor so that the hardwood has its natural beauty restored.

Keep reading for a brief overview of what to expect when you schedule our Norman hardwood floor cleaning.

Step 1

An inspection is the first step we take. We’ll be looking for areas of heavy soiling that might need extra attention.

Step 2

We’ll then vacuum the floor. We work to remove any grit and debris from the surface that could potentially damage the floor during our cleaning.

Step 3

We then apply a pretreatment to the areas with the heaviest soiling that we find. The pretreatment is so effective because it uses special enzymes to break down dirt, oil, and grime.

Step 4

We will then move on to using our core cleaner. This solution works to further break apart debris.

Step 5

Next, we use our revolutionary cleaning machine. The OF2000 is able to deep clean the wood and extract residues and moisture.

Step 6 (Optional)

Once we’re done cleaning, you can opt for an extra service. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher can add a temporary urethane coating that’ll protect the hardwood and give it a semi-gloss finish for several months.

Why People Choose Us

  • Hardwood floor will look pristine
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • No sanding will be done to your floor
  • Zero toxic varnishes are used on your hardwood
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Mon - Fri: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Norman, Lexington, Noble, Purcell, Washington, Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Macomb, Newalla, Tecumseh, Wanette
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Very fast and easy to work with GS. - Little Chute, WI - 05/25/2022
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DW. - High Ridge, MO - 05/25/2022
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Both times we have used Oxi Fresh the technicians have been prompt and on time very personable and engaging throughout the cleaning. The products they use are safe and environmentally safe which is a concern of ours. The technicians are mindful of the areas they are cleaning and have both done a great job DT. - Castle Rock, CO - 05/25/2022
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)
Ashley Schubert

Meet Ashley Schubert


When you want your hardwood to look amazing, you can turn to Ashley Schubert. Her team of experts work hard to remove layers of grime and achieve excellent Norman hardwood floor cleaning. Ashley hopes you’ll give her team a chance to clean for you.

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Do the carpets in your home look dirty? Have you noticed spots or a path across your floor that appears darker than the surrounding carpet? If so, Oxi Fresh can help. We can use the power of oxygen to remove years of dirt and leave the floor looking stellar.

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