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Westerville Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Westerville Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A beautiful hardwood floor can help bring the decor of a room together, but when it’s dull and discolored, it can make your whole home feel dirty. Luckily, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s Westerville hardwood floor cleaning can help remove years of dirt so that you can get back to enjoying how your home looks and feels.

We combine innovative solutions and modern equipment to achieve a deep clean. No matter how dirty or how large your floor is, we can handle it. If you’ve noticed grime on your floor or discolored spots, our products can help eliminate them.

When we clean for you, you can rest assured we won’t make a huge mess by sanding the hardwood in an effort to get it clean. We also don’t use toxic varnishes in your home. Instead, Oxi Fresh uses a multi-step method of cleaning that allows us to get world-class results.

If you’re ready to schedule Westerville hardwood floor cleaning for your home, you can call us at 614-448-3006.

How We Clean Hardwood Floors

Keep reading for a brief look at what to expect when you schedule our Westerville hardwood floor cleaning:

Step 1

The appointment starts with us doing a thorough examination of the hardwood floor that you want us to clean. We’ll be looking for any heavily soiled areas that might need extra attention.

Step 2

We’ll then vacuum the hardwood floor. We must remove any grit and debris that could potentially damage the hardwood during the cleaning process.

Step 3

A pretreatment is then applied to any heavily soiled areas by our OF2000 hardwood floor cleaning machine. Powered by enzymes, the pretreatment breaks apart dirt, oils, and grime trapped deep in the cracks of the hardwood.

Step 4

The OF2000 then uses our core cleaning solution on the entire floor. The Core Cleaner continues the work of the pretreatment, breaking down residues while the OF2000 uses dual brushes to agitate debris free from the wood and extract it.

Step 5 (Optional)

After we’re done cleaning, you can opt for an extra service. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher can add a temporary urethane coating that’ll keep the hardwood clean for longer and also give it a semi-gloss finish that’ll last for months to come.

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

Here are some of the most common benefits to choosing our Westerville hardwood floor cleaning:

  • We won’t sand your hardwood
  • No toxic varnishes will be used
  • Competitive prices on our services
  • Flexible appointment times
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MN. - Raleigh, NC - 06/16/2021
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
The tech was punctual, friendly, and professional! There were a lot of really angry stains in the common room and bedroom, he treated them (with the spotting kit) and the carpet looks amazing. It does take awhile too dry but he informed us beforehand that the areas that were treated heavily may take a little longer to dry. LW. - Surry, VA - 06/16/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
VJ. - Tomball, TX - 06/16/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Bill Mize

Meet Bill Mize


Bill Mize is proud to offer Westerville hardwood floor cleaning that can remove stubborn dirt and grime. His team of experts bring the skills, training, and tools needed to provide superior customer service. Bill hopes to hear from you soon!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Do you have tile and grout in your home that looks dingy? Have you noticed areas of the floor are discolored or have dark spots? Oxi Fresh can help! We can remove tough grime and help make your floor cleaner and brighter!

Make a tile and grout cleaning appointment today by calling our Scheduling Center at 614-448-3006.

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