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Manchester Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Advanced Manchester Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your hardwood floors can be the key to having beautiful floors years down the road. When you need a Manchester hardwood floor cleaning, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning harnesses the natural power of oxygen to clean and revitalize like no one else can. You’ll be amazed at how much younger your floors look after just one cleaning!

Hardwood floors are elegant, attractive, and add value to your home. Unfortunately, over time, the business of living can leave your hardwood floors looking dull and lifeless from years of dirt, debris, and spills that leave their mark. Having your floors sanded and varnished can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s a better way to bring back the beautiful hardwood floors you’ve been missing!

With Oxi Fresh, you don’t have to wait for your floors to be sanded and varnished or deal with the hassle and mess of sawdust. Our experts leverage the advanced power of oxygen to loosen and remove the dirt that’s been ground into your hardwood floors. 

Whether your floors are hardwood, laminate, engineered wood, or vinyl, our powerful hardwood floor cleaning machine leaves them cleaner and more lustrous than you’ve seen them in years. We can even refinish your floors using a gloss finish to enhance their natural beauty while adding an elegant protective sheen. 

If you’re in need of Manchester hardwood floor cleaning, call our friendly Scheduling Center at 603-782-0050! Today to book your appointment! We can’t wait to clean for you!

The Power of Oxi Fresh

When you use Oxi Fresh for your Manchester hardwood floor cleaning, we use a gentle process that won’t harm your hardwood floors while we’re removing ground-in dirt and oils.  

You’ll love our dust-free five-step Manchester hardwood floor cleaning process:

Step 1 – Our professional technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your hardwood floors. We will carefully check for any soiled spots or damaged areas and go over our findings with you so you know exactly what to expect when we’re through!

Step 2 – Next, we use our specialized hardwood cleaning equipment to thoroughly vacuum your floors and ensure they are free of loose debris that could damage your floors during treatment. 

Step 3 – Then, we use a pretreatment cleaning solution and our OF2000 cleaning machine to apply an advanced pretreatment solution. Our OF2000 combines three steps including application, agitation, and extraction to achieve stunning results without oversaturating your floors. 

Step 4 – Now, we follow up with our powerful core cleaning solution using our OF2000. You’ll love the finished results after we’re through!

Step 5 (Optional) – After your hardwood floor cleaning is complete, we offer an optional additional service to leave your hardwood looking meticulously finished. We can apply a protective urethane coating that leaves a striking semi-gloss finish on your floors. 

Are you ready to experience stunning results without much downtime? Call our Scheduling Center today at 603-782-0050 to book Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning service for your Manchester hardwood flooring!


Why You’ll Love Oxi Fresh

Faster Service – With Manchester hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh, you won’t have to wait for a lengthy sanding process to be completed. Our hardwood floor cleanings can be completed with minimal disruption to your day so you can get back to what’s important. 

No Sanding – You won’t have to worry about the mess of sanding and varnish with Manchester hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh. The Oxi Fresh process is a gentler alternative that’s just as effective at giving you beautifully clean floors. 

Easy Appointments – At Oxi Fresh, we respect your time. Unlike some companies that keep you waiting around all day for a “window appointment,” we offer a convenient scheduling system that lets you pick the best date and time for you. 

Acrylic Wax Removal – If you’ve used acrylic waxes on your hardwood floors in the past, this wax can build up over time. To properly clean your floors, this wax-containing residue needs to be completely removed. Oxi Fresh offers an additional service to completely remove this wax residue, leaving your floors clean and beautiful once more.

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Tim Belinsky

Meet Tim Belinsky


Tim Belinsky is committed to providing the highest quality Manchester hardwood floor cleaning in the industry. His team’s excellent customer service begins and ends with treating their customers as they prefer to be treated themselves. He can’t wait to deliver great service to you!

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Oxi Fresh offers a full range of cleaning services for your home or business. Besides cleaning your hardwood floors, we can clean and freshen your carpets, rejuvenate your upholstery, or even clean your tile and grout!
Are you ready to book your commercial or residential hardwood floor cleaning services? Just call our friendly Scheduling Center at 603-782-0050 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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