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Fargo Steam Cleaning


Fargo Steam Cleaning

Carpet flooring is a wonderful addition to any home as long as it is fresh and soft. If your flooring is lacking in that, you may seek after a Fargo steam cleaning to restore your flooring and refresh your carpet. What you may not know is that there is a better option out there for you. Give Oxi Fresh’s Fargo Carpet Cleaning a call and discover the modern and fresh approach to steam cleaning in Fargo. 

If you’re ready to leave old-fashioned cleaning methods behind and pursue the fresh and new cleaning that Oxi Fresh provides, give us a call! We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and premium cleaning equipment to ensure we provide the best cleaning possible. 

If booking the best alternative to Fargo steam cleaning sounds appealing, get in touch with our Scheduling Center at 701-630-7227. Or you can book a session instantly using our Online Scheduler. 

The Best Option for Fargo Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaning from the competitors will leave your carpet soaked with water. This is highly inconvenient as it will then take up to a day for your flooring to dry. If your house is home to pets or children, you probably imagine how much of a hassle that would be. 

Also, an incorrectly done steam cleaning can lead to what is referred to as “wickback.” This is when spots or blemishes that were previously cleaned will reemerge over time, rendering your steam cleaning useless. It would appear that the old method of steam cleaning is inconvenient, to say the least, especially if your house is home to children or pets. 

Thankfully, Oxi Fresh has a convenient solution to your carpet problem. Our cleaning method is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing us to give you a fast-drying and deep cleaning result.

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Delaney was helpful and skillful in cleaning my home carpet. I'll ask for her the next time I need carpet cleaning. She was responsive to what I needed EZ. - St. Louis, MO - 10/15/2021
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Very professional Personable TB. - Lawrence, IN - 10/14/2021
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BS. - Bethlehem, PA - 10/14/2021
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Mike Burton & Jordan Engel

Meet Mike Burton & Jordan Engel


Do you have carpet in your home that is dingy and worn-down? Would you love to see your carpet resemble the clean and proud flooring it once was? Give Mike Burton & Jordan Engel a call and see your carpet look years younger in just one session! His team of floor cleaning experts has the right tools for the job, and they will provide you with excellent service every step of the way.

How We Clean For You

We take great pride in our cleaning methods. We produce results unlike any Fargo steam cleaning company, just check out our reviews to see for yourself. We can erase years old grime and dirt, and we can produce a fast drying result for you!

Our low-moisture approach to carpet cleaning can leave your floors dry in about one hour! That’s so much better than the 12-24 hours you can expect from the competition, but that’s just what you get when you book with Oxi Fresh! The next time you book a cleaning with Oxi Fresh, here is what you can anticipate.

  1. We begin our cleaning process by examining your flooring, making sure we identify any areas of severe wear and tear or damage.
  2. Next, we begin our cleaning method by adding our pretreatment solution to your carpet. This formula attacks areas of dirt and debris immediately, breaking them down quickly.
  3. We then move on to our core carpet cleaning formula. This solution combines two products into one. First, our oxygen-infused booster breaks down dirt particles, then our encapsulating formula traps those particles into microscopic crystals. This is crucial as it prevents the particles from sticking to your carpet fibers, and it allows us to remove them efficiently.
  4. We then utilize our uniquely designed carpet cleaning machine to clean deep into your flooring. This machine uses dual rotating brushes designed specifically for carpets to clean deeply without causing damage or harm to your carpet fibers.
  5. We end our process by vacuuming any leftover dirt and then we groom your carpets carefully.

Our solutions produce better results than any Fargo steam cleaning company. Our unique way of cleaning is far superior to the methods of the competition, and as a bonus, your cleaning will dry in about one hour!

Why Do People Choose Oxi Fresh?

Why do people love Oxi Fresh in Fargo? Why are we the preferred choice for people from all over?

  • Fast Drying Cleanings
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Convenient Booking Times
  • Great Prices
  • Better Results

People love Oxi Fresh, check out our testimonials online to see what people are saying about us! Then give us a call and book your next session with Oxi Fresh! You can reach our Scheduling Center at 701-630-7227 or you can book online using our Online Scheduler.

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