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South Greensboro Tile and Grout Cleaning


South Greensboro Tile and Grout Cleaning

No matter your style preference, it’s hard to go wrong with a tile floor because they are classy, long-wearing, and durable. A South Greensboro tile and grout cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get rid of the dirt and grime that build up on the porous surfaces of tile and grout flooring. This dirt and grime can cause your floors to look dull or dingy, but don’t worry, we can help! 

Sure, you could try scrubbing your tile and grout with a toothbrush to get to all the areas your mop just can’t reach, but that’s not easy, and it certainly isn’t fun! Not only that, oftentimes the results of this back-breaking work are lackluster at best. Oxi Fresh’s professional-grade products and innovative equipment give your tile and grout a thorough clean you’ll notice in as little as one service! 

Contact our Scheduling Center at 336-579-3500 today to book an appointment or learn more about pricing and availability. We look forward to serving you soon!

Why We’re the Best

Whether you have tile and grout in one room or your entire space, Oxi Fresh can handle the job. When it comes to South Greensboro tile and grout cleaning, here’s how we stand out above the rest:

Outstanding Results: To see just how incredible our results and service are, check out Oxi Fresh’s hundreds of thousands of excellent reviews on our website!

Competitive Pricing: Oxi Fresh aims to provide a great value on our world-class South Greensboro tile and grout cleaning.

Ease of Appointments: Forget about “appointment window” bookings. That frustrating method of scheduling is now a thing of the past when you choose Oxi Fresh! We value your time and won’t leave you waiting around on us all day! Our scheduling process is easy and designed to suit even the busiest lifestyles! Simply call our Scheduling Center and select the time you’d like your floors cleaned, and that’s when our team shows up.

High Quality Products and Equipment: Our innovative cleaning technology breaks down difficult dirt and grime while also being gentle on your floors. Over the counter and DIY products can’t hold a candle to our custom cleaning solutions designed specifically for tile and grout!

Expert Technicians: Trained to the highest of standards, our South Greensboro tile and grout cleaning technicians are truly experts in their field!

Meet the Owner

Eric Mwirigi knows the difference pristine tile and grout can make in your home’s appearance. And Eric and his team have what it takes to get the job done! With powerful cleaning solutions and modern cleaning equipment, this team will have your floors looking years younger in no time! 

Our Unique Process

Even the toughest dirt and grime are no match for Oxi Fresh. Behind every South Greensboro tile and grout cleaning we provide stands a proven five-step process that can’t be beat: 

Step 1 – We inspect the areas in need of cleaning and discuss with you any issues that may affect your final results.

Step 2 – Then, we thoroughly vacuum your tile and grout, removing any debris that could act as an abrasive during the cleaning procedure.

Step 3 – Next, our Oxi Stone tile and grout cleaning solution gets to work. Upon application, this effective solution begins to break down dirt, grime, and oils on your floor’s surface. 

Step 4 – To further remove any remaining dirt and oils, our technicians scrub your floors with our specialized tile and grout cleaning machine. Equipped with tile brushes, this machine provides a  thorough clean while being gentle on your floors.

Step 5 – Finally, we rinse and extract the tile of any remaining product or dirt. If stubborn stains persist, our Oxi Restore treatment can take care of them! This treatment targets stains and eliminates them, leaving your floors looking grand! Step 6 (Optional) – Following your tile and grout cleaning, ask your technician about our highly effective grout protectant. This optional product protects your grout lines from absorbing future spills or stains! This protection also helps to extend the life of your cleaning!

Interested in Oxi Fresh tile and grout cleaning services? Call our friendly Scheduling Center at 336-579-3500 today to schedule your next South Greensboro tile and grout cleaning appointment!

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Based on 60 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Great upholstery cleaning services by Kevin yesterday on 7/22/2021! He asked us if we had any specific issues with the couches and I was able to show him all our grimy food spots from everyone snacking on them for years. We never had the couches cleaned after 8 years of use and they turned out looking wonderful! The cushions and back rests actually were fluffier and more supportive feeling after the cleaning. I only got the basic cleaning package and it worked to take out the odors of our dogs as well. Kevin used a special rotating brush on the tough areas. I could tell he worked hard to get our couches back to looking almost new again! Thanks again for great cleaning services, Kevin! I will recommend you to others! JL. - Tustin, CA - 07/23/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Nick asked me to vacuum up all the residue to lift any spots that still showed. I did very thorough vacuuming and re-vacuuming which was a huge job, especially on the stairs and risers. Smudgy areas still remain and I will be calling for a second round, only on the dirty spots remaining on the carpet and sofa. You’re free call back is an excellent service and I am grateful to take advantage of it. SP. - Point Pleasant, NJ - 07/22/2021
(3.0 Out of 5 stars)
LN. - Fayetteville, NC - 07/22/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Eric Mwirigi

Meet Eric Mwirigi


Eric Mwirigi knows the difference pristine tile and grout can make in your home’s appearance. And Eric and his team have what it takes to get the job done! With powerful cleaning solutions and modern cleaning equipment, this team will have your floors looking years younger in no time!

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