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Fuquay Varina Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Fuquay Varina Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Polished, pristine hardwood floors can immediately increase the warmth and appeal of a home. If your wood isn’t quite there, Oxi Fresh offers Fuquay Varina hardwood cleanings to help you get back the look and feel you want!

When you hear about a “hardwood floor cleaning,” you may picture a technician pulling out a huge sander and varnish and getting wood dust all over your house. Two, three, maybe more days later, they’re finished and finally out of your homebut you find wood dust around hiding in corners for months. At Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we do it differently! Using modern technology, we’re able to fully clean and refresh your floors without using any sanding or varnish, saving you from the inconveniences of the ordinary hardwood cleaning process. 

Interested in hearing more about our process? Reach out to our ready-to-help Scheduling Center at 919-762-3377 to ask questions or to get set up for an appointment. They look forward to your call! 

Our Proven, Gentle Process

Have you ignored your scratched, dull hardwood floors for a while, not wanting to deal with the annoyances of getting them refinished? An ordinary hardwood cleaning and refinishing is time-consuming and chaotic. Fortunately, Oxi Fresh’s Fuquay Varina hardwood cleanings can help simplify your life! Don’t ignore your hardwood floors; Oxi Fresh will give them the maintenance they need with the convenience you want. 

Curious how we do it? These are the steps we bring to every Fuquay Varina hardwood cleaning: 

Step 1 – Our first step is to take a look at all of your floors to help us find any areas needing special attention, and to help us start developing our strategy for the cleaning. 

Step 2 – Next, we run a vacuum over your hardwood. By pulling up the tiny, insoluble bits and pieces that are on your floors, we prevent your hardwood from receiving abrasions during the cleaning.  

Step 3 – To kick off our cleaning, we apply a pretreatment to your wood with our OF2000, the cutting-edge Oxi Fresh hardwood cleaning machine. Equipped with uniquely designed application, agitation, and extraction processes, our machine has the cleaning power to pull up even the toughest dirt and residues.  

Step 4 – We next use the OF2000 to apply our core cleaning solution. Our core solution is gentle with your floors while still aggressively breaking up and pulling out dirt. Once the treatment is complete, the primary process of your Fuquay Varina hardwood cleaning is finished! 

Step 5 (Optional) – When we’ve completed the primary service, we give you the option of adding an additional guard to your floors. By leaving a temporary urethane coating on your floors, the Oxi Floors Refinisher provides extra protection and leaves behind a semi-gloss finish. 

Ready for a simpler way to get your hardwood clean? Book your cleaning with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning today by reaching out to our Scheduling Center at 919-762-3377. We hope to serve you soon!

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Fred & Christina Lockhart

Meet Fred and Christina Lockhart


Fred and Christina Lockhart want to leave you with floors you can be proud of! Using modern techniques, their team will give you the clean you’re wanting with unsurpassed convenience. When you’re tired of walking on dull hardwood, reach out to Fred and Christina Lockhart and the Fuquay Varina hardwood cleaning team. You’ll be glad you did!

Why Choose Oxi Fresh?

No Sanding Needed - We’re the gentler solution for your floors. Because of our advanced, modern cleaning system, we’re able to give you great results without any of the sanding or varnishes that other services require.  

Faster Cleanings - Since our process doesn’t require any sanding, our technicians are able to complete the cleaning that much quicker! Where a traditional refinisher might take 2-5 days, we’re able to be in and out in about one day or less.  

Respect for Your Time - Have you gotten sick of waiting around the house for hours for a cleaner to show up for a timeframe appointment? At Oxi Fresh, we make your life easier. Pick a time for us to come—that’s when we’ll get there! 

Acrylic Wax Removal - Grocery store hardwood cleaning products are a common choice for homeowners. Most of them leave behind an impressive sheen at first; unfortunately, it’s not long before that sheen gets dull. The acrylic waxes that these products use to give such a pretty finish are also the main culprit for why they end up dulling, as the wax picks up dirt and residues that affect the look of the floor. Getting the shine back requires more of the cleaning product, which locks a homeowner into an ongoing cycle. 

Do you think this may be happening to you? Great news, then—we offer an acrylic wax removal service! We can help you get out of the cycle and back to fresher, cleaner floors. Chat with your technician at your appointment to see if this is the right service for you! 

Additional Services

Did you know that we don’t just clean hardwood? Our modern cleaning services are available for a variety of your home’s needs, including for carpet cleaning. Using innovative, low-moisture technology, we’re able to leave your carpets dry within just about one hour after the cleaning!

If you think it’s time to make an appointment for an Oxi Fresh Fuquay Varina hardwood cleaning or other cleaning service, reach out to our Scheduling Center at 919-762-3377. We look forward to showing you the Oxi Fresh difference!

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