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Concord Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Concord Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Clean hardwood flooring spruces up any room immediately. Unfortunately, many of us have flooring our home that is anything but clean. Thankfully, a Concord hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh is just what your flooring needs to reach its true potential. 

Our modern approach to hardwood floor cleaning produces uncommon results, and when you see our powerful products and excellent equipment in person, you’ll see why! Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s uncompromising devotion to excellence is reflected in our work, and we would love to demonstrate our excellent approach in your home today! A hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh erases layers of caked-on dirt and debris in just one session, right before your very eyes. 

Get in touch with our Scheduling Center at 1-877-OXI-FRESH today for questions regarding pricing and bookings. 

How Do We Clean?

A fast, efficient, and excellent hardwood floor cleaning all bundled together at an amazing price sounds wonderful. But how do we do it? Why should you book with us over all of the other hardwood floor cleaners in Concord? 

Thankfully for you, we have the answers. Our fresh and new approach to cleaning thinks outside of the same tired old box that many of our competitors find themselves trapped in. We never stop innovating, and you see this reflected in our cleaning approach. 

Our cleanings have eliminated the need for sanding or varnishing your floor, allowing us to provide you with incredible outcomes efficiently. Our unique cleaning method can aggressively attack grime, while still being gentle on your flooring and without the need for sawdust to cake your home. Sounds interesting? Here is exactly what you can expect when you book with us today. 

Step 1: We always start our Concord hardwood floor cleaning by inspecting your floors. We note any areas that are heavily worn or otherwise damaged. 

Step 2: We then begin to thoroughly vacuum your floors, to ensure your flooring is free of dirt that would otherwise get in the way of our cleaning methods. 

Step 3: We then apply our pretreatment solution, aided by our OF2000. This piece of equipment is designed for hardwood floor cleaning and is able to seamlessly apply our solution, scrub of your floors, and then extract the broken-down dirt particles.

Step 4: Using the OF2000 again, we treat the floors with our main cleaning solution. At this point, your floor should be in great shape.

Step 5 (Optional): After we completed the main stages of our cleaning process, we can add our Oxi Floor Refinisher to the floor to give it a nice semi-gloss finish.


Removal of Acrylic Wax

Often if you have used DIY floor cleaners before, you may have noticed the nice sheen they sometimes leave. This is usually accomplished via an acrylic wax. This finish is only temporary, though, and leaves behind a layer of wax that does not disappear with time. Eventually, these layers must be removed for your flooring to be cleaned properly. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh offers this as an additional service. If you so desire, we can remove those layers of wax, and allow the natural beauty of your flooring to express itself again.

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Chris Souk

Meet Chris Souk


A hardwood floor cleaning in Concord is something that Chris Souk knows all about. You have a myriad of options at your disposal, but none of them will be as committed to excellence as Chris and his team Concord hardwood floor cleaners. They produce excellent results at an affordable price, and they can do it all in just one session! Get in touch with our Scheduling Center today at 1-877-OXI-FRESH to schedule your next floor cleaning. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.

Why Do People Prefer Oxi Fresh?

  • They Love That No More Sanding = No More Sawdust!
  • They Love Our Affordable Prices
  • They Love Our Amazing Service
  • They Love Our Convenient Booking Times - No More Appointment WIndows!
  • They Love our One Day Treatments - No More Multi-Day Appointments
  • They Love Our Results

Give us a call today and join the legions of happy people that are enjoying their freshly cleaned hardwood flooring.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleanings

Our results extend beyond just hardwood floors. If you want an amazing carpet cleaning at an affordable price, call the experts at Oxi Fresh. We are proud to boast the preeminent carpet cleaning in Concord and we would love to share our amazing results with you. Give us a call to see dirt erased before your very eyes.

Need more information? Need to book your next Concord hardwood floor or tile and grout cleaning? Call us at 1-877-OXI-FRESH and speak with our friendly Scheduling Center.

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