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Hardwood Floor Cleaning - Rogers, MN

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Near Rogers

The charm of hardwood floors is undeniable, but their tendency to gather dirt and oils can detract from their natural beauty. That’s where Oxi Fresh comes in—as we offer unparalleled hardwood floor cleaning services across Rogers. Proudly serving the Rogers community, Oxi Fresh offers a revolutionary hardwood floor cleaning approach, ensuring your floors retain their gleaming appearance and durability.

Our method doesn’t just gloss over the surface; it dives deep into the grains to remove persistent dirt and grime, providing a thorough clean that truly revitalizes your floors. What sets Oxi Fresh apart is our commitment to delivering excellent service at affordable rates. With our seasoned professionals, you can trust that your hardwood floors will be treated with the utmost care and professional expertise.

Ready to breathe fresh, new life into your hardwood floors? Give us a call at 763-292-4499 to book your appointment today!

Transforming Your Floors with Oxi Fresh’s Innovative Cleaning Method

Oxi Fresh’s unique hardwood floor cleaning system is designed to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Here’s how it works:

  • Comprehensive Inspection: Our process begins with a detailed examination of your hardwood floors to identify any problem areas that may require special attention.
  • Abrasive Particle Removal: We then vacuum the floor, removing any abrasive particles that could potentially scratch and damage your floor during the cleaning process.
  • Deep Cleaning with OF2000: The next step involves our state-of-the-art OF2000 cleaning machine, which applies our special pretreatment solution. This machine not only dispenses the solution but also agitates the floor and extracts the broken-down soil.
  • Final Cleaning and Optional Finisher: The OF2000 continues its work, applying our primary hardwood floor cleaning solution in this step and further extracting the residual soil. Optionally, we can conclude the service by applying our Oxi Floor Refinisher for some additional gleam.
Michael Holland

Meet Michael Holland


Get to know the heart and soul of our Rogers franchise: Michael Holland. With a firm belief in the power of hard work and customer satisfaction, Michael Holland has become one of the leading hardwood floor cleaning professionals in Rogers. His dedicated team ensures that every customer interaction leaves a lasting impression of superior service.

Discover the Oxi Fresh Advantage for Your Hardwood Floors

The perks of choosing Oxi Fresh in Rogers for your hardwood floor cleaning needs are many. Not only do we deliver exceptional service, but we also prioritize customer satisfaction, and our unique cleaning approach is a testament to this. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Efficient and Thorough Cleaning: Our innovative cleaning process, employing the OF2000 machine, ensures a deep clean that removes accumulated grime and dirt, making your floors shine.
  • Expert Service: We have a team of experienced professionals who are trained to treat your floors with the care they deserve.
  • Specialized Solutions: We use proven, powerful cleaning solutions designed specifically for hardwood floors, ensuring the perfect balance between effective cleaning and preserving the integrity of your floors.
  • Optional Add-On Service: For an additional touch of elegance, we offer the optional Oxi Floor Refinisher, a product designed to give your floors a semi-gloss finish.

In choosing Oxi Fresh for your Rogers hardwood floor cleaning, you're choosing quality, reliability, and undeniable results. Don't let your hardwood floors lose their shine and charm. Call us at 763-292-4499 to schedule your next Rogers hardwood floor cleaning today. And remember: your floor is our top priority!

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