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Keith Brittingham

Ocean Pines Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Ocean Pines Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Beautiful Ocean Pines Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors offer a host of benefits over carpet, but they also require special care to stay looking their best. Ocean Pines hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is gentle but effective to keep your floors looking great. 

At Oxi Fresh, not only can we revitalize your hardwood floors, but we accomplish our fantastic results without using any harsh sanding or damage to their finish.

To deliver these outstanding results, we use a combination of powerful products, modern equipment, and industry expertise. When you use Oxi Fresh for your Ocean Pines hardwood floor cleaning, you will see a difference in as little as one cleaning!

To set up an Ocean Pines hardwood floor cleaning to see what our service can do for you, call our friendly Scheduling Center at 410-213-5115 today! We are eager to assist you!

How We Clean for You

Our Oxi Fresh technicians are committed to giving your floors the best and brightest finish possible without causing any damage. Our equipment and products are specially designed to work effectively while keeping your floors in great condition with no sanding, no varnish, and no dust!

Have you decided a thorough Ocean Pines hardwood floor cleaning is what you want, but you don’t know what to expect? When you have your hardwood floors cleaned, our Oxi Fresh technicians follow this proven five-step process:

Step 1 – We begin by assessing the area we will be cleaning and conduct a complete inspection of your hardwood floors. This is our opportunity to highlight problem areas and give you an idea of what to expect from the process. 

Step 2 – Using our capable and efficient floor cleaning equipment, we thoroughly vacuum your floors. This prevents any loose debris that may be abrasive during the treatment.

Step 3 – Next, we use the OF2000 cleaning machine with our pretreatment cleaning solution. The OF2000 is our specialized hardwood floor cleaning machine. Our machine applies the pretreatment solution using a combination of application, agitation, and extraction processes. This process leaves your floors looking great without oversaturating them with water or cleaning solutions.

Step 4 – The next step using the OF2000 cleans up with a core cleaning solution, resulting in fabulous-looking hardwood floors. 

Step 5 (Optional) – After the complete cleaning process is finished, you may choose to add an optional temporary protective coating. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher leaves your hardwood flooring with an elegant semi-gloss finish with the addition of a protective urethane coating.

Book your next Ocean Pines hardwood floor cleaning service by calling our friendly Scheduling Center today!

Why People Use Oxi Fresh 


Zero Sanding – Our hardwood floor cleaning uses a process that is gentle yet effective. Our process also uses no harsh abrasives or damaging varnish.  

Quick Cleanings – We offer complete cleanings with minimal intrusion. Since there is no harsh sanding involved, the cleaning process is completed relatively quickly.

Easy Appointments – We are proud to offer appointments on your schedule. We won’t have you waiting around half a day wondering what time we will show. Use our convenient Scheduling Center to choose the date and time that works best for you. 

Acrylic Wax Removal – Many DIY hardwood floor cleaners focus on delivering short-term results using acrylic wax. Unfortunately, the acrylic waxes that make the floor shine initially will build up over time. In the long-term, too much of this buildup becomes dull and dingy and can cause dust to attach to your floors. In order to properly clean your floors, it must be removed.

To combat tricky acrylic wax buildup, our additional offerings to our hardwood floor cleaning service include acrylic wax removal. Your floors can be easily cleaned to perfection after we apply Oxi Fresh wax removal. If you suspect your floors have wax buildup, consult your Oxi Fresh technician during your appointment to see if this is needed for your home.

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Had some carpets and area rugs cleaned recently, and we were very pleased with how nicely they turned out, and frankly amazed at the quick drying time. Connor was prompt, friendly, and professional. We just had him come back and clean our tile, and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend Oxifresh, and Connor. DH. - Dade City, FL - 12/06/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
JH. - Downers Grove, IL - 12/06/2021
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
ML. - Voorhees Township, NJ - 12/06/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Keith Brittingham

Meet Joe Icardi


Keith Brittingham understands that beautiful hardwood floors add value to your home. That’s why he and his team work hard to make sure your floors look great while offering excellent customer service throughout your Oxi Fresh cleaning. Using our specialized equipment and cleaning products, Keith Brittingham wants the opportunity to serve your hardwood floor cleaning needs with a full-service appointment from our Ocean Pines hardwood floor cleaning team.

Our Additional Services

A hardwood floor cleaning is just one of our full-service floor cleaning options from Oxi Fresh. Not only do we do hardwood floors, but we can also clean your carpets, upholstery, or tile and grout. You will have peace of mind when you let our professional technicians clean all of your floors to perfection.

Ready to see how we can help with your floor cleaning needs? Call our Scheduling Center at 410-213-5115 today. We want to hear from you soon!

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