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Baltimore Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Baltimore Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors can be a pain to keep healthy and clean, but Baltimore hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can reinvigorate your floors in no time at all without damaging them!  

At Oxi Fresh, we don’t use any harsh sanding or varnish that can cause unwanted, messy dust! Our expert technicians use eco-friendly solutions and powerful-but-safe equipment to get your hardwood floors looking spectacular! After your first Oxi Fresh cleaning service, you will notice an unbelievable difference!

Call our helpful Scheduling Center at 410-670-9393 today! We can’t wait to clean your hardwood floors for you! 

How We Clean for You

If cleaned improperly, your hardwood floors can get damaged, but Oxi Fresh uses specially-designed equipment that is powerful but gentle on your floors. We use solutions and tools that will lift and remove unsightly dirt and debris without sanding or varnishing! 

If you are interested in a Baltimore hardwood floor cleaning, here what to expect:  

Step 1 – First, we begin with a complete examination of your floors, looking for any trouble areas or heavily stained areas.Then, we discuss the expected results from the cleaning.  

Step 2 – Then, we use our specially designed wood-floor-cleaning equipment to completely vacuum the floors, making sure there is no dirt or debris that could damage the floors during the cleaning process.  

Step 3 – Next, our technicians use our OF2000 machine and our pretreatment solution. Our professional wood floor cleaning machine and the solution are used together to make your floors look young again. It also eliminates any oversaturation which can cause long drying times. 

Step 4 – The OF2000 machine is then used with a core cleaning solution, making your floors beautiful again. 

Step 5 (Optional) – We also offer an additional service that will protect your floors while making them look amazing. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher adds a protective urethane coating. The temporary finish leaves a semi-gloss look to your floors.

Call our Scheduling Center at 410-670-9393 to book your next Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning service!

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My house was in a mess, several stains and urine from pets. Oxi Fresh was very helpful in removing all the stains, applying odor destroyer for getting the odor away. I would have replaced the carpet but Oxi Fresh team was terrific. Thanks Sonia and team! MK. - Redmond, WA - 09/21/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Quality of product and service. Nick is the best. PG. - Aurora, CO - 09/21/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
HH. - Ottawa, IL - 09/21/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Derek Teel & Iness Gildish-Teel

Meet Derek Teel and Iness Gildish-Teel


Derek Teel and Iness Gildish-Teel know the importance of protecting your expensive furniture. Let their team make your floors look pristine again. They can’t wait to clean for you.

Why People Use Oxi Fresh

Zero Sanding - Harsh and damaging sanding can cause unwanted dust, but with our Baltimore hardwood floor cleaning, our methods are safe for your floors. 

Quick Cleanings - We get your floors cleaned in no time at all, and since we don’t sand or varnish the floors they will be dry in about one hour! 

Easy Appointments - Waiting around all day for a random window appointment can be frustrating, and we know you don’t have that kind of time. We want you to choose a time that best fits your schedule, eliminating any long wait times. Our technicians will show up at the time of your appointment. 

Acrylic Wax Removal - Acrylic wax is the main ingredient in traditional or DIY hardwood floor cleanings, but Oxi Fresh wants to get rid of that waxy buildup. With DIY cleaners, the shine dulls and more wax needs to be added to get that shine back. However, the wax buildup needs to be removed for the floor to be properly cleaned.

Luckily, Oxi Fresh has an additional service to make hardwood floors pristine again. The Oxi Fresh acrylic wax removal service breaks down and removes the wax, making your floors look spectacular! Before your Baltimore hardwood floor cleaning, don’t forget to ask your expert cleaner if your floors need the wax removal.  

Our Additional Services

Oxi Fresh offers residential and commercial cleanings! We also offer amazing cleaning services for tile and grout, upholstery, and carpets!

Interested in a Baltimore hardwood floor cleaning? Call our Scheduling Center at 410-670-9393! We look forward to cleaning for you soon!

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