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Carmel Steam Cleaning


Carmel Steam Cleaning

A freshly cleaned carpet is a wonderful addition to any household. If your flooring were to ever become dried up or otherwise damaged, you may look into a Carmel steam cleaning to renew your carpet fast. What you may not know is that there is a faster and more efficient option available to you today. 

If you’re interested in a modern and fresh alternative to Carmel steam cleaning, give Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a call. Our carpet cleaning methods are eco-friendly and thorough, providing great results at affordable prices. If you want to see what the power of oxygen can do for you, Oxi Fresh is the company for you. 

Are you looking for a better alternative to Carmel steam cleaning? Oxi Fresh is the answer! You can book a session using our Online Scheduler instantly, or you can give our Scheduling Center a call at 317-798-0088 today. 

A Better Way to Clean

A steam cleaning typically involves having your floors saturated in water. This major headache then can take up to 24 hours to fully dry, which is a deal-breaker for many, especially if you have pets or small children at home. 

Additionally, whenever a steam cleaning is done poorly, “wickback” can develop. This is when areas of stains or blemishes re-emerge over time. This ruins the appearance of your carpet and renders your cleaning appointment useless. Steam cleaning is simply not the ideal solution when it comes to carpet cleaning. 

Thankfully, Oxi Fresh has the solution. Our water-conservative approach cleans your carpet thoroughly and then dries fast, often in about one hour!

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I was very impressed with how well my carpet looked after they were finished and the time it took and the technician explained what he doing with every application he was using. EF. - Newport News, VA - 08/12/2022
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DB. - Houston, TX - 08/12/2022
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JO. - Charleston, WV - 08/12/2022
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David Morgan

Meet David Morgan


If you have a need for carpet cleaning in Carmel, look beyond the old-fashioned methods of the past and let David Morgan take it from here. His crew of cleaning professionals has the skills and expertise needed to thoroughly clean your flooring fast. As a bonus, your floors will dry in about one hour!

The Oxi Fresh Cleaning Process

When you book a carpet cleaning appointment with Oxi Fresh, here is what you have to look forward to. 

  1. First, we examine your floors, making sure we note any areas of significant wearing or damage. 
  2. Then we add our enzyme-boosted pretreatment solution. This product attacks areas of dirt and grime fast, breaking down the particles with ease. 
  3. We then follow up with our main cleaning solution. This solution mixes our oxygenated booster with our encapsulator to further break down debris or grime. Then, this powerful product traps those particles into microscopic crystals. This is important as this step prevents the particles from attaching to your carpet fibers, so we can remove them fast. 
  4. Then we use our OF1000 to clean deep into your flooring. This machine uses dual counter-rotating brushes to remove sunken dirt particles efficiently, without damaging your gentle carpet fibers. 
  5. We end our process by vacuuming and grooming your floors completely. 

Our thorough cleaning process produces exceptional results that dry fast. Businesses and homeowners alike are trading Carmel steam cleaning for Oxi Fresh for a reason!

The Best Carpet Cleaner in Carmel

Here are just a few of the many reasons why people from all over town prefer Oxi Fresh to Carmel steam cleaning:

  • Great Prices
  • Thorough Cleanings
  • Green Cleaning Solutions
  • Fast Drying Results
  • Simple Booking Process
  • Hardwood floor and tile and grout cleaning

Book your next cleaning appointment with Oxi Fresh today! You can either book using our Online Scheduler or you can give our Scheduling Center a call at 317-798-0088.

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