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Mt Prospect Upholstery Cleaning


Mt Prospect Upholstery Cleaning

Clean upholstery can act as a centerpiece for any room. Upholstery is often among heirlooms and other valued possessions. Mt. Prospect upholstery cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get your old and new upholstery looking clean without causing damage to the delicate fabric. Let us show you what we can do.

DIY products are often underwhelming. Not only may they fail to clean your upholstery, a mistake could lead to costly damage and problems. When Oxi Fresh cleans for you, you can be confident that your upholstery will emerge clean and undamaged. No matter how old or delicate your piece is, let us clean it for you.

Don’t let the stress of a dirty piece of upholstery linger in your life. Dirty upholstery is a real eyesore. Dark spots, smudge marks and discolorations are all common signs of grime building up. Oxi Fresh will use modern solutions and revolutionary cleaning equipment to get your upholstery clean. 

To get our Mt. Prospect upholstery cleaning, call our Scheduling Center at 630-315-9191.

How Oxi Fresh Cleans Upholstery

Oxi Fresh can clean almost any piece of upholstery for you. Keep reading to get an idea of what you can expect when the time comes for your upholstery cleaning appointment with Oxi Fresh. 

Step 1

We will begin by inspecting the piece that you want us to clean. During this inspection, we will find the areas of the upholstery that have the most dirt and grime build-up. 

Step 2

Pretreatment will begin when we apply a special enzyme to the thickest layers of dirt and grime on your piece. This enzyme will break down the layers, no matter how thick, without harming the delicate fabric underneath. 

Step 3

Once we are done with pretreatment, we will apply an encapsulating rinse to your piece. This rinse will capture debris in micro-crystals. It is one more way that Oxi Fresh helps protect the piece you want cleaned from damage. 

Step 4

The Oxi Pro upholstery cleaning machine will be used on your piece of furniture. Along with our cleaning solutions, this machine will help accelerate the process and gently wash your upholstery. 

Step 5

When we have finished cleaning, your technician will set up fans around the piece we have just cleaned. This will move air around the upholstery and encourage faster drying. 

Why Choose Oxi Fresh

  • Our Mt. Prospect upholstery cleaning is gentle and effective
  • We competitively price all of our cleaning services
  • Appointments are made on time, not in large windows
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I have three rooms lowerlevel., stairs and small room upper level. I had the 5 room special. I had to insist that I not be charged extra before I had my carpet cleaned. I move all my small items and do not require to move furniture. The reason this was concerning because in order to do a walk way in clean but was charged extra. I felt uncomfortable with this so this time I had to insist I would not pY exyra. VV. - Round Lake, IL - 05/21/2022
(2.5 Out of 5 stars)
Prompt, professional, and eco friendly products SZ. - Seven Fields, PA - 05/21/2022
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)
Prompt, courteous and detail oriented representative. Scheduling was easy and price was good. Nice job on carpets! TN. - Mars, PA - 05/21/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Lance & Maruska Stubblefield

Meet Lance and Maruska Stubblefield


Lance and Maruska Stubblefield know how delicate and exacting a proper Mt. Prospect upholstery cleaning can be. Lance and Maruska and their team can get the job done right for you. They are eager to show you the difference their cleaning can make for your delicate upholstery.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

In addition to Mt. Prospect upholstery cleaning, Oxi Fresh can also clean your carpets. Like upholstery, carpet gets dirty from regular use. Let Oxi Fresh clean the carpet so you don’t have to worry or stress over a guest or family member seeing dirty carpets in your home.

To get our Mt. Prospect upholstery cleaning, call our friendly Scheduling Center at 360-315-9191.

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