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Grimes Steam Cleaning


Grimes Steam Cleaning

There used to be no alternative if you wanted a clean carpet, you had to deal with Grimes steam cleaning. This came with a host of problems that drove a lot of people away from getting their carpets professionally cleaned. Those days are long over because Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to help. 

Instead of bathing your home in hot water vapor and using harsh, toxic chemicals, Oxi Fresh can get your carpets cleaned with no hassle. We use modern solutions and revolutionary cleaning equipment. We won’t damage your favorite belongings or leave your floor wet for days. 

If you’re ready for carpet cleaning that doesn’t come with the annoyance of Grimes steam cleaning, give our Scheduling Center a call at 515-619-6396. 

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Before there were superior alternatives to steam cleaning, people had to deal with the disadvantages that came along with it. Most of the time this was an inconvenience, wasting hours of their time. Sometimes, it could be even worse. 

Using too much water can soak the carpet pad underneath. When this happens, it doesn’t dry fast. That can mean that mold will begin to grow between the carpet and the floor. If this happens, you will be spending a lot of money and time to get it clean. 

Another problem with too much water is wickback. If the dirty carpet pads get wet, then as the carpet dries, the dirty water from the pads will wick back to the surface and leave your floor looking as if it was never cleaned in the first place. 

With Oxi Fresh cleaning, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We use 95% less water than Grimes steam cleaning companies. We also don’t use harsh chemicals to get results. Our methods are eco-friendly.

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I have an empty home 32 Durfee Rd , Ny 12028 Interested in getting the hardwood floors deep cleaned 3 bedrooms, hallway, dining room , living room. Phone or text preferred Brian 516 477 9559 BS. - 11/17/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Jason and Cory were fantastic! The scheduling was super easy online and the service was great! It was easy to get an appointment soon and they had plenty of options for available times. They were fast and thorough once they assessed the areas we wanted addressed. We asked questions about animal stains and they both answered them and were truthful about different outcomes. They were very knowledgeable and I could tell they wanted to make sure we were satisfied with the service. I will definitely have them come back again! TM. - Saint Paul, MN - 11/16/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Prompt and professional RC. - Yorktown, VA - 11/16/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Mike Tidman

Meet Mike Tidman


Mike Tidman is proud to be able to offer you a superior alternative to steam cleaning in Grimes. Mike and his team are dedicated to getting the best results possible when it comes to carpet cleaning, or any of their other cleaning duties. You can count on them.

The Oxi Fresh Process

In order to get unparalleled results, Oxi Fresh uses a five-step process. We have developed this process with decades of research and experience. 

Step 1

We begin by inspecting the carpet, finding out where the thickest layers of contaminants have collected. 

Step 2

Our pretreatment solution is applied to those areas with the most grime. Its enzyme-driven formula breaks down grime on a molecular level. 

Step 3

Oxi Fresh’s core cleaning solution is now used on the entire carpet. This solution breaks down dirt and grime while encapsulating debris and grit in microcrystals. 

Step 4

The OF1000, our amazing carpet-cleaning machine, uses dual brush heads to break down even the best-hidden dirt and grime. 

Step 5

With cleaning over we can focus on vacuuming and grooming the carpet for that professional finish you expect. 

More Cleaning Services

Oxi Fresh can do more than beat Grimes steam cleaning at carpet cleaning. We also do upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. We work in residential and commercial settings with equal ease. 

Call our Scheduling Center at 515-619-6396 and set up your appointment for carpet cleaning with us today. 

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