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Loveland Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Loveland Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Even with routine cleanings, heavy dirt and grime will soil your commercial carpets over time. Since it is essential to have a clean, professional floor, Oxi Fresh is who you should turn to when you need a Loveland commercial carpet cleaner! We bring a clean, new atmosphere to your workplace by effortlessly removing heavy deposits of dirt and grime that are making your property feel dingy

Since we use eco-friendly solutions – and less water than a steam cleaning company – our cleanings are both safe for people and they cut dry times down to about an hour. That means you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals nor exceptionally long dry times. 

So, if a deep cleaning, fast-drying, eco-friendly Loveland commercial carpet cleaning sounds right to you, give Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a call at 970-775-8400. Our friendly Scheduling Center is standing by, ready to help you book your cleaning today!

Oxi Fresh Benefits

When you compare our Loveland commercial carpet cleanings to other options, what advantages do we offer?

  • Quality Results with Competitive Pricing: Our system works wonders – check out our reviews for proof of that – and we also offer excellent pricing. We’re happy to work with you to build a cleaning schedule that fits your budget needs.
    Eco-Friendly: Our cleanings are safe for the environment; we use green products and require 95% less water than steam cleaning.
  •  Quick Drying: With our modern, low-moisture cleaning system, your carpets can dry in about one hour.
  • Convenient: We’re happy to offer after hours appointments in order to interrupt daily business.
  • Maintenance Programs: If you run a business or manage a commercial property – or multiple – you have a lot on your hands. Why not make things easier by signing up for a maintenance program with Oxi Fresh. These programs put your property on a custom-built cleaning schedule, ensuring the floors continue to look great for years to come.
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Excellent RP. - Kirkland, WA - 09/23/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
LS. - Crown Point, IN - 09/22/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Great Cleaning job on the carpets Stacy is very friendly and professional Great Company Great Service!! MJ. - Myrtle Beach, SC - 09/22/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Matt Kline

Meet Matt Kline


Are you struggling with dirty commercial carpets? Matt Kline and his team can help! To attain world-class results, these cleaning experts use revolutionary equipment and green solutions. Matt Kline can’t wait to serve you soon!

Our Five-Step Cleaning Process

Want to know what to expect when an Oxi Fresh Loveland carpet cleaner shows up? Then read this five-step cleaning process:

Step 1 - First, we look for tough grime on your carpets that could affect our cleaning procedure. These can usually be found in entryways and high-traffic hallways.

Step 2 - Then, our specialized pretreatment solution is applied to those areas. The enzymes within this solution are key to breaking up those heavier areas of oil and grime.

Step 3 - Our oxygenated cleaning solution is now used to treat the floors. It will break down and capture dirt and grime, allowing for easier removal.

Step 4 - Then, our modern cleaning machine is used to clean the carpets, breaking up the debris with its pair of counter-rotating brushes.

Step 5 - To finish, we vacuum and groom your cleaned carpets.

Call 970-775-8400 and book your next commercial carpet cleaning!

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Getting the carpets cleaned at your property or business is important, and you can count on Oxi Fresh to work hard to get your floors nice and fresh. But, did you know that we also offer residential cleanings?

Once you see what our commercial carpet cleanings can achieve, why not let us clean your home too? You’ll love what we can do!

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Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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