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Lakewood Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Lakewood Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A hardwood floor is one of the nicer features your home can have. But how do you protect the flooring’s rich sheen and color? With our Lakewood hardwood floor cleanings. Through our carefully designed and executed processes, we eliminate impacted grime and debris. This allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine forth once more.

This process is sand-less as well. You can rest easy knowing that there’s no sandpaper, sawdust, or varnishes when Oxi Fresh shows up. Instead, our expert cleaning teams use powerful but safe solutions and modern equipment that will leave your floors revitalized.

Don’t let your lovely wood floors languish under a coat of dirt and oils. Call our friendly Scheduling Center and book your hardwood cleaning today.

How We’ll Clean for You

Many people aren’t familiar with what a professional hardwood cleaning looks like. Is it just mops? How do we scrub the wood without damaging it? Do we use any water? 

Let’s break down how our expert cleaners will eliminate the dirt on your floors:

Step 1 – Before we begin cleaning, we’ll carefully examine the wood floors. We’ll be looking for any problem areas to ensure we properly treat them.

Step 2 – We’ll then vacuum the floors, removing any grit or debris that could act like an abrasive during the cleaning process.

Step 3 – We then prepare our special pretreatment in the OF2000, our ingeniously designed cleaning machine that combines product application, careful agitation, and thorough extraction.

As we go over the floors with the OF2000, it applies our product to break up the dirt. As that happens, the machine’s brush – with special bristles designed to break up wood – agitates the floor. Right after that, the machine extracts the residue.

Step 4 – We then repeat this with our main cleaning product. This finishes the process and leaves the wood looking lovely.

Step 5 – If the customer chooses, we can then apply our Oxi Floor Refinisher, a special coating that helps protect the floors and gives them a pleasant sheen.

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Jonathan Barnett

Meet Jonathan Barnett


Don’t let dirt ruin the look of your hardwood floors - have Jonathan Barnett and his team of hardwood floor cleaners revitalize your property! They can erase the impacted grime that has dulled the beauty of your floors.

The Oxi Fresh Advantages

Besides the major advantage of beautiful floors, what other benefits does our Lakewood hardwood cleaning process offer?

Sand-less Cleaning Process

Oxi Fresh doesn’t have to use a scrap of sandpaper or leave an ounce of sawdust in your home. Our cleaning process is sand-less, relying on a non-intrusive solutions and equipment that carefully breaks down and extract dirt and grime.

Acrylic Wax Removal

People want to keep their floors looking great, so they turn to products that are full of acrylic waxes. These give the wood a sheen, but it fades over time. Worse yet, the wax doesn’t go away when the shine does. These waxes build-up over time, hiding the natural beauty of the floor under layer after layer of hazy acrylic.

Oxi Fresh offers a special acrylic wax removal process that can dissolve this build-up, freeing your floors from their waxy bindings. With Oxi Fresh, you can look forward to seeing your floor’s natural beauty once more.

Efficient Cleanings

Because we avoid the drawn-out process of sanding and refinishing, you’ll be able to get back to your life much faster. Our Lakewood hardwood cleanings are both effective and efficient!

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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