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Tempe Carpet Stain Removal


Tempe Carpet Stain Removal

Even when you take care of a carpet, sometimes accidents happen. Someone knocks over a drink, tracks something in, or drops a plate. A Tempe carpet stain removal from Oxi Fresh is the solution to your spot and stain woes.

So, if you’ve spent hours trying to remove a stubborn stain to no avail, if your carpet has gone from being a source of pride to an eyesore that makes you embarrassed to have guests over, then Oxi Fresh can help. Whether it’s a coffee stain or a red wine stain, we can handle it.

Using our powerful suite of professional-grade products known as the Spotting Kit, Oxi Fresh can rescue your carpets and leave them looking grand. Call our Scheduling Center at 480-488-4694 to schedule your Tempe carpet stain removal service today!

The Spotting Kit

What is the Spotting Kit, Oxi Fresh’s secret weapon against stains? It’s a collection of special solutions that are designed to treat just about every spot and spill in the book. From wine to wax to gum to ink to makeup, these solutions can tackle it all. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things we can treat:

  • Makeup stains
  • Crayon stains
  • Fruit stains
  • Gum in carpets
  • Synthetic dye stains
  • Tomato stains
  • Chocolate stains
  • Wine stains
  • Red wine stains
  • Adhesive spots
  • Oil stains
  • Coffee stains
  • Watermark stains
  • Marker stains
  • Wax in carpets
  • Urine stains
  • Grease stains
  • Nail polish stains
  • Ink stains
  • And more!

Of course, we don’t just slop products onto the carpet and call it good. Your cleaning technicians are trained in proper techniques and product usage. They know the best ways to treat a variety of spots and spills. Once they’re done with your Tempe carpet stain removal, your carpets will look and feel fresh.

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terrific cleaning job. Got out stains that steam method could not. Will use again. fe. - San Antonio, TX - 08/11/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Carpets could be cleaner. LP. - Arcadia, OK - 08/10/2022
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
The whole house looked amazing afterwards. JB. - Salisbury, NC - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Natalie Ehrlich

Meet Natalie Ehrlich


Got a stain you can't seem to get rid of? Natalie and her team are here for you! Whether it's wine or ink, they'll use our revolutionary products and equipment to revitalize your floors. Natalie and her team look forward to being your carpet stain removers in Tempe.

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There are many great advantages to using Oxi Fresh to professionally clean your home – here are just a few of them:

  • World-class results
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  • Expert, friendly staff
  • No “window” appointments - you pick your time

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Just like how things can get spilled on the floor, sometimes it happens to your furniture instead. If your upholstery is looking dingy, let Oxi Fresh help! Whether it’s your sofa or loveseat or recliner, these hard working technicians will get it feeling fresh and clean.

We can also clean your tile and grout floors and your hardwood floors. Oxi Fresh can practically get your whole home looking fantastic. Call our helpful Scheduling Center at 480-488-4694 to make an appointment!

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