Oxi Fresh and COVID-19: Staying Open to Help Serve Our Communities

During these trying times, we wanted to let our customers know that we’re here to serve them. With enhanced safety policies and a new hard surface disinfectant, we can help keep your home cleaner, healthier, and safer.

Oxi Fresh’s Safety Steps

  • Disinfection Protocols for equipment after each cleaning and vehicle touch-points at the end of the day
  • Safety Standards that support social distancing, the use of PPE, and the CDC’s recommendations regarding hygiene and cleanliness
  • New Hospital-Grade Hard Surface Disinfectant available that meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19
  • EPA-Registered Carpet Sanitizer available that eliminates odor-causing bacteria

Oxi Fresh is ready and able to safely serve you.

Steve Greenbaum

North Glendale Tile and Grout Cleaning


North Glendale Tile and Grout Cleaning

Do you have a tile floor? If so, you know that they are durable and beautiful when clean. North Glendale tile and grout cleanings by Oxi Fresh can help make sure that your tile floor stays beautiful.

When you notice dirt and oils building up on the floor it can lead to discoloration and unsightly spots forming. Spare yourself the stress and worry of trying to get a tile floor clean. There will come a point when regular cleaning won’t be able to keep up.

When that happens, you’ll need a professional cleaning that gets you results. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning knows that the beauty of your tile floor is worth protecting and keeping. This is why we approach the floors we clean with an eye for detail. We will get not just the surface of the tiles clean, but also the grout lines. Your floor will look years younger when we are finished cleaning for you.

To get a North Glendale tile and grout cleaning scheduled, call our Scheduling Center at 1-877-OXIFRESH.

How We Clean Tile and Grout

We follow a multi-step process that allows us to achieve a deep cleaning with world-class results. If you’ve never had us clean for you, this should help you with what to expect from your tile and grout cleaning.

Step 1
An inspection of your tile floor is our first order of business. We can identify the areas that need the most help while also giving you a realistic assessment of the effectiveness of our cleaning on your floor.

Step 2
Once the inspection is done, we will vacuum the tile floor. We don’t want to leave any bits of grit or gravel that could damage the floor.

Step 3
Now we apply the Oxi Stone Cleaner, solution designed to break up the grime that is trapped on the floor.

Step 4
Your technician will now the surface of the tiles to accelerate the cleaning process. We’ll do this with our special cleaning machine.

Step 5
After scrubbing the floors, we suck up the spent product and all the dirt it’s broken down. If any grout lines are still dirty, we’ll treat those with our Oxi Restore solution.

Step 6 (Optional)
Once we are finished, we can apply a protectant to the grout lines. We strongly recommend getting this additional service, as grout lines without a protectant become very absorbent to spills, dirt, and oils.

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Steve Greenbaum

Meet Steve Greenbaum


Steve Greenbaum is who you want on your side for North Glendale tile and grout cleaning. Steve and his team have the expertise, solutions, and equipment to get your floor clean. Give them a chance to work for you today, they are eager to get your floor clean.

Benefits of Choosing Oxi Fresh

  • Well-priced cleanings that get world-class results
  • No “window” style appointments that leave you stuck waiting around all day<.li>
  • Friendly team standing by to answer your cleaning questions

Carpet Cleaning

At Oxi Fresh, we know that most homes have more than tile floors. That is why we offer carpet cleaning in addition to tile and grout cleaning. Spare yourself the stress of having a dirty carpet and let us clean for you!

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